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    Last month, my family and I were planing to have a barbecue with some relatives in the frontyard of my house in the chinese moon festival, . Each of my family members was asked to do some works for this wonderful festival. My mother and sister were responsible for buying and preparing food such as chicken wings, sausages, beef steaks, pork chops, etc. My brother and I had to set up the accessories for the barbecue festival such as making the fire in the big fire pot, buying the barbecue forks and combustion material. Then, my father called my relatives to remind them to join us.

    before the day of the festival, the weather forecast had reported that it won't be cloudy on the August 15. I was happy to hear that and I hoped my relatives, my family and I will be able to enjoy the full moon at the night.

    During the festival night, my big family enjoyed the food and we saw the big full moon clearly. Everyone was happy and satisfied what we had prepared.

    I am glad for everything because everything turned out what I have had expected. Thank you for my family hard work and thanks god.

    I wrote this just for 20 minutes, please look for grammar mistakes and correct yourself, thank you

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    1.This Mid-Autumn my family and i barbecue in my outdoor.Then is moon round very much.

    Frist:What did you do?

    Second:What did you feel?

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