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Does putting a KN performance air filter on a crf100 make it faster?Better performance?throttle response?

please answer my question!!!

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    There is a saying 'you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig'.

    The slight difference these things will make to the bike is really not worth the bother. Just save up for a better bike.

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    The oiled gauze air filter is nothing new, they were fitting them to production cars in the fifties as standard . I don't know why paper elements became so widespread, but it certainly created a market for paper filters that had to be thrown away every few thousand miles. They were cleaned in petrol and reoiled quite easily . They do work quite well increasing the air rate in the induction system. The downside that I found with mine was that it was impossible to connect the warm air intake system to it so more petrol was wasted on short journeys with the engine taking longer to warm up.

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    No it does'nt make it "faster", Yes it will give it better "performance", and yes it will give it a slight change in "throttle response". A combustion engine needs three things to run. It needs fuel, air, and spark. So if you have a more free flowing filter it will add more oxygen to the fire causing it to burn better therefore giving it better performance!

    Source(s): My old shop teacher
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    The kn air filter may give the engine more air but if you really look at the kn filter and stretch it a little bit you can see right through it. and if you can see through it then dirt can get through it, and the dirt can sand your engine

    Source(s): professional motor cycle mechanic/ ex pro super and motorcross rider
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  • get a different bike a bent the frame trying to jump that bike and that cracked my exhaust too much work!!!!!!!

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