Why is the "possiblity" of Iran getting a Nuclear Bomb more threatening than Israel already having 200 Nukes?


Alright, how many countries has "decent" Israel Invaded since 1948?

How many countries has Iran invaded in the same time?

This is not an opinion but facts.

Deranged Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in one of his clearer moments, said that the newly disclosed nuclear facility was not scheduled to begin operations for another 18 months and that “It's not a secret site. If it was, why would we have informed the IAEA about it a year ahead of time?” Then Ahmadinejad said that the Agency was welcome to inspect the facility.

If it is found that the enrichment capability is in fact 5 per cent, then there will be a lot of stupid-looking people in the US and other western countries, as this is nowhere near the approximately 90 percent needed to manufacture nuclear weapons. Could this majestically hyped affair collapse into nothing because the “multiple human intelligence sources” (if they exist) are found to be fantasizing liars?

Update 2:

"Civilized and Sane Israel":

Israeli forces killed hundreds of unarmed Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza in attacks which breached the laws of war, Amnesty International concluded in a new report published on Thursday. Operation 'Cast Lead': 22 days of death and destruction, is the first comprehensive report to be published on the conflict, which took place earlier this year.

"Israel's failure to properly investigate its forces' conduct in Gaza, including war crimes, and its continuing refusal to cooperate with the UN international independent fact-finding mission headed by Richard Goldstone, is evidence of its intention to avoid public scrutiny and accountability," said Donatella Rovera, who headed a field research mission to Gaza and southern Israel during and after the conflict.


Update 3:






West Bank/Gaza

Right out of the O'Reilly/Hannity playbook call anyone you disagree with names...Sorry any intelligent person knows that questioning a Country's Foreign Policy (Israel) has nothing to do with hatred of that County's Population (antisemitism).

Update 4:


(Iraq invaded Iran in the 1980s)

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    Because the US unequivocally supports Israeli no matter how inhumane their government treats another group of people.

    More importantly why is Israel exempt from inspections? Why doesn't Israel have to verify how many nuclear weapons they have? How long are they going to play the Holocaust card to get people to look the other way on their crimes against humanity?

    Anyone who thinks Iran has said they want to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons is willfully ignorant. It is a fact that they did not say that and this is something one could verify for themselves quite easily yet they choose to believe the propaganda that Israeli and US government put out regarding Iran.

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    1 decade ago

    Because Israel hasn't threatened to wipe its enemies off the map. Israel is surrounded by Arab/Persian nations that if the chance presented itself (Iran getting Nukes) they would destroy Israel.

    Israel is showing restraint. The Jews know they are surrounded on all sides by nations that hate them, yet, having the weapons, haven't annihilated these nations.

    This shows how much Character a country has. Israel has a lot, the Arabs, none at all.

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    because Richard V Israel was created to play as a tool of USA and west to muddy the water of middle east and in this muddy water they catch fishes for free.like destroying Iraq and now planning to do the same to Iran.so that they can control the oil resources there.

    will you ask questions about what your errand boy is doing rather than kicking the innocent who are bullied by your errand boy.

    ask yourself this question or imagine yourself in this situation and you will get why are questions asked to one guy and the other guy doesn't even have to bother about that questions let alone answer them.

    here the answer to your additional questions.

    Israel bombed Iraqi nuclear plant in 80s just because they think they have authority to who can have nuclear technology in middle east .

    well just last year they bombed a nuclear facility in Syria.

    they invaded Lebanon destroyed civilian infrastructure like bridges etc.

    they sent their agents to Kurdish region so that they can make sure Iraq breaks up.

    they even sent their agent to Iraq after 2003 war to interrogate Iraqi prisoners there though they won't admit it.that's how far they went to collaborate in the invasion of Iraq.

    yet their leaders deny they have any involvement with Iraq war.how outrageous is that.

    oh yes the Gaza invasion in the beginning of this year.remember how many children died and all the western civilization/governments except for a few exceptions like Swedish foreign minister and few others just stand and saw and nobody said anything other than Israel has right to defend itself.

    just Google you will find thousands news articles regarding these.

    @hey David your "recheck your history."

    sounds more like rewrite history and read it to the convenience of Israel .

    and saying anything against Israel is antisemitism?even if it is proven history?how pathetic.

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    It is because Iran is a Fundamentalist country, while Israel is a democracy.

    How many Jewish suicide bombers have you heard about compared to Islamic suicide bombers? Israel does not want to use their nukes, while Iran has promised to wipe an sovereign country off the face of the earth.

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    It's simple. Israel never threatened to wipe Syria off the face of the earth (or, to deter any excuses, "Syrian nationalism" as a substitute for Syria...), for no reason other than "Syria was there." Israel's nukes have kept her from being invaded every few years by the crazed Islamofacists, as was the case before '73. In fact, Israel had nukes in '73. Cairo, Damascus, and Amman are still here. And, by "here", I do not mean as glass parking lots. Even though Egypt, Syria, and Jordan ganged up together and INVADED tiny Israel unprovoked on the holiest day of the Jewish year. Some countries would have nuked for less. This is a good indicator that Israel can be trusted to have nukes.

    What you are asking is comparable to the following question: Why is the "possibility" of a psychicatric patient getting a handgun more threatening than that woman who has to walk home alone at night having a gun and mace?


    PS-Palestinians do not want Iran to have nukes. You can go to the "Israel" section of this site and ask them this yourself, if you need to confirm this. I have seen them make some very angry comments about Iran trying to nuke them, myself. So, A-Jad can shove that "champion of the Palestinians" medallion he gave himself up his @ss.

    EDIT: Invaded? One, and they were chucking shells at her before that. How many "innocent" Arab countries invaded Israel and subsequently lost land in a shining display of karma? A lot.

    EDIT: biased, much? It is Hamas that delibrately targets civilians. The only reason that Israel has to kill civilians is that Hamas hides behind them while it shells elementary schools in the Negev. All that, and Israel sends massive warning messages before she strikes a target. That's probably more moral than US tactics. And definately more moral than Arab ones. Research what the Lebanese militia did to Palestinian refugee camps. And, why should Israel cooperate with the UN? The UN is so ridiculously biased against Israel that over a quarter of its investigations have been on Israel alone, while countries like Libya and Syria have yet to be investigated. UN investigators have been known to make grossly-anti-Israel statements long before the conclusion of their investigation is even remotely possible. Why should Israel trust the UN, when she does more to help the people of Sudan than that entire worthless organization? And Amnesty Int. is basically the junior varsity UN.

    EDIT: Sweet, peaceful Iran took an embassy hostage in a time of peace. Israel has yet to pull those shenanigans. And you have a very loose definition of "invaded".

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    I am more scared of the Israelis than I am of the Iranians. The Iranians just want to get rid of Israel. The Israelis are waiting with anticipation for the end of the world.

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    Because Iran is controlled by a radical religious leader who is committed to doing as much damage to our way of life as possible.

    Israel is a democracy, an ally, and wishes to live in peace, not destroy all who will not convert to the Muslim faith and be dominated by a tyrannical Mullah.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What country has Israel invaded, recheck your history.

    Israel has never invaded any country, they themselves have been invaded many times, and many times they won.

    Iran is just not stable, it is a terrorist country at best right now. You really want nukes in the hands of terrorists?

    Guess you do, forgot by your question you basically admitted to being anti0semite, and most possibly a muslim

  • You obviously didn't hear the President of Iran say "We will wipe Israel off the face of the earth". Iran is threatening to kill every Jew on the planet yet you don't care? Are you sick or do you just believe Jews are evil?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because Iran has demonstrated hostility in both word and deed. Launching missiles , threatening their neighbors,etc.. Israel hasn't done any of these things. God bless.

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