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H1B transfer.. is this only option - Employer corporation change?

Hello everyone,

I am with Corp 1 now. My employer corp1 is planning to dissolve old business and is planning to form a new corporation and continue his business.

In this case what will be my procedure.

My question :

1. Will i be able to accommodate with new business easily ? or

will i need to go through transfer from Corp1 to NewCorp2.

2. If they are forming a NewCorp2, is there any limitation as such like ?

Newly established business cannot hire or transfer H1?

Please guide, suggestions and tips are welcome.


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    If it is by and large the same business, their immigration lawyer will have to file some paperwork indicating the company has changed its structure and for the paperwork to be amend under the new name.

    THis is something the lawyer will have to do. All you can do is to remind the human resources department that this has to be doneand to follow up to make sure it is actually done.

    Corporate ownership changes all the time in the US and the lawyers handle this sort of thing routinely.

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