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Anonymous asked in SportsBoxing · 1 decade ago

Who are your top 15 favorite non-American boxers of all time?

1. Manny Pacquiao (Philippines)

2. Roberto Duran (Panama)

3. Erik Morales (Mexico)

4. Marcel Cerdan (Algeria)

5. Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico)

6. Marco Antonio Barerra (Mexico)

7. Eder Jofre (Brazil)

8. Fighting Harada (Japan)

9. Khaosai Galaxy (Thailand)

10. Pancho Villa (Philippines)

11. Wilfred Benitez (Puerto Rico)

12. Salvador Sanchez (Mexico)

13. Jose Napoles (Cuba)

14. Ruben Olivares (Mexico)

15. Lennox Lewis (United Kingdom


awesome list Mark and 9th!

@ toughguy2, you made an awesome list! I cant believe I forgot to put Monzon! He is such a great fighter. Very good list!

Update 2:

@ blogbaba, Jose M, and !

Great lists!

@ Knight, thanks for the correction! Cerdan was born in Algeria, but yes he is French by blood and was a French citizen, therefore he is officially French! Thanks for pointing that out bro.

Update 3:

@ Knight thanks for the compliment, I feel the same way as well about you. You have been a great contributor. You add an international flavor in this forum, that sometimes this forum lacks. Thanks!

Update 4:

The question for Jose also goes to Mark, thanks bro!

Update 5:

@ Jose M, just out of curiousity, Pacquiao is not on your top 15 favorite non American boxers of all time? just wondering bro because everyone here seem to have listed him. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My friend this is an outstanding question. Through the years that I've been following boxing and learned about the history of the sport, I have quite a few favorites. Now putting them in order may be quite difficult but I'll do my best:

    1. Carlos Monzon (Argentina)

    2. Roberto Duran (Panama)

    3. Salvador Sanchez (Mexico)

    4. Jose Napoles (Cuba)

    5. Laszlo Papp (Hungary)

    6. Marcel Cerdan (Algeria)

    7. Ruben Olivares (Mexico)

    8, Eder Jofre (Brazil)

    9. Khaosai Galaxy (Thailand)

    10. Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico)

    11. Ricardo Lopez (Mexico)

    12. Wilfred Benitez (Puerto Rico)

    13. Manny Pacquiao (Phillipines)

    14. Barry McGuigan (Ireland)

    15. Azumah Nelson (Ghana)

    I thought your list was great and believe me, I had to do some thinking on this as there was so many to choose from. Of course I had the chance to watch a lot of the Monzon, Duran, Sanchez, and Napoles fights on live television so I became a fan. Learned a great deal from reading and from my friend Knight about the great Papp. Fun question to answer sir, thanks.

    There is always one after reviewing my list that I left off and shouldn't have and that's the late great Alexis Arguello of Nicaragua so please know that he is right there beside Salvador Sanchez. A class act like that cannot be left out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My list reads like this:

    1. Roberto Duran (Panama)

    2. Ricardo Lopez (Mexico)

    3. Khaosai Galaxy (Thailand)

    4. Salvador Sanchez (Mexico)

    5. Carlos Zarate (Mexico)

    6. Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico)

    7. Wilfredo Gomez (Puerto Rico)

    8. Manny Pacquiao (Philippines)

    9. Erik Morales (Mexico)

    10. Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico)

    11. Wayne McCoullah (Ireland)

    12. Tefelio Stevenson (Cuba)

    13. Laszlo Papp (Hungary)

    14. Ricky Hatton (England)

    15. Vitali Klitschko (Ukraine)

  • 1 decade ago

    Felix Trinidad- Puerto Rico

    Naseem Hamed - UK

    Marco Antonio Barrera -Mexico

    Manny Pacquaio- Phillipines

    Roberto Duran- Panama

    Alexis Arguelo- Nicaragua

    Lennox Lewis- UK

    Wilfredo Benitez- Puerto Rico

    Azumah Nelson-Ghana

    Eric Morales-Mexico

    Miguel Cotto- Puerto Rico

    Vitali klitschko- Ukraine

    Salvador Sanchez- Mexico

    Wilfredo Gomez- Puerto Rico

    Kostya Tszyu- Australia

  • 1 decade ago

    Not in order:

    Kostya Tszyu

    Julio Cesar Chavez

    Manny Pacquiao

    Ike Quartey

    Ike Ibeaubuchi

    Salvador Sanchez

    Ricardo Lopez

    Wilfredo Gomez

    Miguel Cotto

    Azumah Nelson

    Humberto Gonzalez

    Erik Morales

    Israel Vazquez

    Jeff Fenech

    Carlos Zarate

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In no particular order:

    Georges Carpentier

    László Papp

    Roberto Duran

    Ken Buchanan

    Nigel Benn

    Chris Eubank

    Lennox Lewis

    Giovanni Benvenuti

    Carlos Monzón

    Khaosai Galaxy

    Wilfredo Gómez

    Julio César Chávez

    Manny Pacquiao

    Vitali Klitschko

    Joe Calzaghe

  • ROBERTO DURAN - Panama

    Jose Napoles - Cuba

    Jimmy Wilde - England

    Barbados Joe Walcott - Barbados

    Salvador Sanchez - Mexico

    Julio Cesar Chavez - Mexico

    David Tua - Western Samoa

    Carlos Zarate - Mexico

    Wilfredo Gomez - Puerto Rico

    Eusebio Pedroza - Panama

    Fighting Harada - Japan

    Ricardo Lopez - Mexico

    Wladimir Klitschko - Kazakhstan

    Pancho Villa - Philippines

    Vicente Saldivar - Mexico

    Edit to add - Manuel Dapridan Pacquiao, Philippines

    Oh no, I like the guy. He's in my top 16 :P. I just forgot to add him!

  • Stella
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    My favorite active American fighters are: 1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 2. Bernard Hopkins 3. Nonito Donaire 4. Andre Ward 5. Adrian Broner

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jon you have become one of my favorite members with your outstanding questions and your love for the sport!

    I would like to see your opinions in Football (soccer) Tennis and MMA sections as well sometimes since i love these 3 sports as well (Auto-Motor sports too even though i do not contribute in here)

    Toughguy,Blogbaba,Markw and you give some great lists no doubt but i am known for being biased in favor of toughguy in most cases so i think he deserves 10 points period,Blogbaba has an awesome list as well though thumbs up to both!

    I am the international boxing ambassador in here (LOL so humble) and as you understand a top 15 non American boxers is not enough for me because i have only a top 100 Amateurs and if you add Pros i need a top 200!lol


    With all respect and no offense at all of course Jon and my very good friend toughguy,Marcel is not Algerian he is 100% French!

    As i have mention before i am part French (as well Greek and Italian,that is why i love Europe maybe so much lol) and i have live in France for a couple of years and i have follow Marcel's career ,he is one of my boxing heroes!

    Marcel Cerdan was born in Sidi Bel Abbès in what was then French Algeria,(Algeria was a French Colony then) from a French military father and a french teacher woman!

    Marcel is 100% French my friends not Algerian ,he does not have 1% Algerian in him,not that is matters of course,but it is like you are saying that, ummmmm the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is not American but Swiss only because she was born in Switzerland,if you know what i am trying to say!

    I just wanted to correct this,because Marcel is France's biggest boxing icon and it is a big mistake to be called Algerian only because his parents stationed there when he was born because his dad was serving the French Army!:)

    Great question!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kostya Tszyu: he made Judah do the chicken dance, and the world of boxing fans is grateful for it.

    Marco Antonia Barerra: he made Naseem Hamed go away, and is now only a footnote in boxing history for his extravagant ring entrances.

    Sumbu Kalambay: always enjoyed watching him work, was astonished to see what Michael Nunn did to him.

    Librado Andrade. Against the right opponent, he's tremendous fun to watch. Seems like a good guy, too.

    Vic Darchinian, don't care a whole lot for him, but it's fun to watch a little guy fight as tho he's a power punching heavyweight, and can make that style work.

    Jorge Paez: guilty pleasure over watching a literal and figurative clown in the ring.

    That's all i got. I prefer the classic American style of athletic, scientific, boxing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In no particular order:

    Mahyar Monshipour (France)- One of the best little action fighters of all time who is famous mostly for his great war with Somsak Sithchatchawal is 2006 but his wars with Salim Medjkoune and Julio Zarate were both great fights as well. Always coming forward and throwing lots of leather he always puts on a memorable show.

    Vassiliy Jirov (Kasakhstan)- A face first brawler with lethal body punches he made a name for himself at cruiseweight with the highpoint of his career coming with his FOTY candidate in a losing effort to James Toney. He moved up to heavyweight had a good fight with Micheal Moorer as well as he should of given Joe Mesi his first loss. Great action fighter who was incredibly tough.

    John Conteh (Great Britian)- One of the best LHW's of the 70's and a great technician he had good fights with Kevin Finnegan and Yaqui Lopez as well as a good toe to toe war with Matthew Saad Muhammad near the end of his career. If you are looking for a textbook boxing exhibition watch Conteh.

    Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez (Puerto Rico)- The greatest super bantamweight of all time, an excellent counterpuncher in his early career he relied more on his big power as his career progressed. His best fights are his first title win over the underrated Dong-Kyun Yum, his dominations over the talented Albert Davila and the great Carlos Zarate, his valiant effort against Salvador Sanchez and his brutal war with Lupe Pintor.

    Antonio Esparragoza (Venezuela)- A relentless, lanky combination power puncher who always brought excitement to the ring. Personally I liked ever one of his fights during his title run but the ones I would suggest is his war with the brave Stevie Cruz and his title fights with Pascaul Aranda and Jean Marc Renard.

    Sugar Ramos (Cuba)- A beautiful boxer with a great jab and a big right hand Ramos has got to be one of the physically biggest featherweights of all time. Fights of his I would suggest are his title loss to the great Vincente Saldivar, a brawl where both men hit the deck and his breathtaking fight with Mando Ramos, a brutal and bloody war where both men truly gave it there all and one of my personal favorite fights of all time.

    Dick Tiger (Nigeria)- One of the toughest men in boxing history everything about Tiger was solid, he wasn't a great puncher but he had power in both hands, banged the body and was always coming forward. His fourth fight with Joey Giardello was very good and both of his fights with Jose Torres were exciting as well.

    Nana Konadu (Ghana)- A big punching bantamweight Konadu brought heavy hands, an aggresive fighting style and good fundamentals to the ring. I enjoyed his fight with a very green Veeraphol Sahaprom where both men hit the deck in the fight, his domination of Gilberto Roman and both of his fights with the underrated Sung-Kil Moon.

    Efren "Alacran" Torres (Mexico)- One of the greatest flyweights of all time Torres was an aggresive puncher with a great left hook to the liver. I enjoyed his second fight with Chartchai Chionoi as well as his great KO of Jose Medel.

    Humberto "Chiquita" Gonzalez (Mexico)- A great boxer/brawler who had good movement, he could box when he needed to but most of the time he couldn't resist the temptation to mix it up in the trenches. I would suggest watching his trilogy with Micheal Carbajal as well as his fights with Saman Sorjaturong.

    Jose Medel (Mexico)- One of the most underrated fighters of all time Medel was a guy who could box and fight. He owned a competent jab, power in both hands and brought a plethora of experience against some of the best bantamweights of all time. His first fight with Eder Jofre was a great war with both men out on their feet and his exciting KO of a prime Fighting Harada was great as well as his supreme effort against Jesus Pimentel where he got off the deck twice to drop Pimentel and win a close decision.

    Eijiro Murata (Japan)- The tough, well rounded Japanese fighter who battled to two well earned draws with the two best bantamweights of the 80's, Lupe Pintor and Jeff Chandler. I enjoyed both of the fights cited above as well as his gritty brawl with William Develos.

    Veeraphol Sahaprom (Thailand)- A fast handed, classic Thai boxer who's pinnacle performance was when he completely outclassed the "Japanese Gatti" Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, KOing him in six but he also had a good fights with Nana Konadu as well as a good boxing exhibition with Hozumi Hasegawa in their first fight.

    Khaokor Galaxy (Thailand)- Blessed with fast hands, good boxing skills and power in both hands the lesser known of the Galaxy brothers at least looked like the better fighter as well as scoring some big wins through out his short career. I particularly enjoyed his two fights against Sung-Kil Moon, when he completely outboxed Wilfredo Vasquez and his KO of Constancia Dangla. He went out on the note of his strange loss to Luisitio Espinosa.

    Rolando Navarette (Phillipines)- The hard hitting Filipino counterpuncher was always exciting to watch and fought many of the best junior lightweights of all time. His most exciting fights are his fight with Bazooka Limon where he dominated every round only to have Limon come back and KO him, his great KO of Cornelius Boza Edwards and his classic with Korean knockout artist Chung II Choi where he is heavily dropped only to be saved by an early bell to come back and KO Choi in a brutal affair.

    Honorable Mentions: Alfonso Zamora, Jose Napoles, Carlos Ortiz, Eder Jofre, Jiro Wantanabe, Azumah Nelson, Vincente Saldivar, Dariuz Michalczewski, Lupe Pintor, Brian Mitchell.

    Edit: I really like Manny but I not to include him and Marquez because I really don't have much desire to watch them fight at the moment, I'm burnt out on them I guess.

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