Aikido vs Krav Maga for real life self-defense?

Hello all! I'm completely new to the whole martial arts scene and I've been investigating which one I want to focus my attention on. I have been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 2 weeks now and I'm not gunna lie, I don't think it's for me. The fact that you never punch your opponent kinda sucks for street self-defense. Also, you always have to bring them down on the ground. I want a martial art that will help me with ACTUAL self-defense. I don't care how pretty something is, I just want to kick the *** of whoever is trying to kick mine. I've been watching Aikido and Krav Maga videos on youtube and they both look like viable systems for a smaller individual like myself (5'9" but really skinny). Any advice would be great.

PS dojo's for both are extremely close so you don't have to worry about that.

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    Since you have nearby places to train you should go in and check them out. I know a guy who teaches hand-to-hand combat in a militia and swears by Aikido (although he practices a number of other styles). But Krav Maga was developed in a place of perpetual violence and is taught to military personel around the world. I like Krav Maga because it only focuses on moves that are effective in the real world, no bs.

    Really, though, a lot of martial arts (including BJJ) have tapes and schools that are dedicated to real life situations; some are inevitably better than others. To me, it is more important to just get into the single best dojo for your goals, which could easily be either. Go there. Talk to the instructors. Check out the facilities. Watch a session, they may even let you participate just to try it out.

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    Aikido Vs Krav Maga

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    There is no one size fits all self defense or fighting system. Krav Maga is just the "flavor of the month" as far as fighting goes. What is being sold to use is a commercial version of the real art. Civilians don't have the need to kill. The military does. Civilian Krav Maga is a "less lethal" self defense art. You will not learn anything in one of those classes that you could not learn in Hapkido, or Karate. I would even suggest going to an MMA gym, and practicing some good personal security habits, along with carrying a can of pepper spray. Those three things alone will get you through most situations that you are likely to encounter on the street, at a bar, in the workplace, etc.

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    Aikido is a purely defensive system. I would also check to see if there is an Aikijutsu school around.

    And here is where I am going to get thumbs downs: Krav maga is a marketting ploy. It is not a system used by the IDF (Israeli defense force). I have a friend who was in the IDF before she moved to America, and all krav maga means in hebrew is close combat. From what I have seen first hand, it uses way too much energy and leaves too many openings. Any seasoned martial artist will tell you the same thing. Heck man, there have been schools saying you could be a licensed instructor of krav maga in a matter of days.

    But remember one thing, any traditional martial art is going to take a little time for your body to adapt and learn how to move the way that the art wants it to.

    Source(s): 23 years in martial arts.
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    Aikido are usually defensive and tooks decades to effectient use it while krav maga was specially designed for self defense thus you can learn it easily because the techniques is simple.

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    Aikido is all defense. Krav Maga is like mma for street fighting, it includes, boxing, muay thai, wrestling, judo, aikido, dirty fighting, weapons defense, everything. Aikido takes many many years of training to become effective with the techniques involved in it. Krav Maga takes basic techniques from all these styles, and combines them into one street fighting, and self defense system.

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    Krav Maga all the way it combined almost all styles to be able to do quick simple moves that can be done anywhere.Like image you are in a ally a man comes up to you theres not room to run alot not even enough to do kicks.But with krav maga you take the guy down quick easy and can be done anywhere.

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    Krav Magra.

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    BJJ is the best for one on one no questions but most BJJ places often have what they call stand up classes or MMA classes, which by the sounds of things is what your after. they teach a maui thai style stand fighting but also incorporate take downs and knee rides. i dont know about krav maga but aikido requires lots of tie and effort to reach a point in which you can easily employee your skills

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    well the israelis know how to fight so krav maga would be better than aikido but hwa rang do is really good with real life situations

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