What colleges in Arkansas allow pets in their dorms?

I have a small pomeranian and plan on taking her with me when i move out. I am definitely going to college and will most likely attend one in the state of Arkansas and live in a dorm. What colleges allow pets in their dorms?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have never heard of any college that allows pets (aside from fish). There are quite a few reasons why:

    1. Allergies. You don't know who will live on your floor and if they are allergic to pets.

    2. Messes. There is a cleaning staff, but they will not clean up after your pet.

    3. Noise. Especially when you're in class and your pet is in your room. Residents may be sleeping or trying to study and there would be no one to stop her from barking without breaking into your room.

    4. Liability. You may have the friendliest dog in the world. But if they allow you to have a pet, then anyone can have a pet and someone may bring a pet that harms a resident.

  • 1 decade ago

    Drop your dog off at the Humane Society on your way to start college.

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