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already have 3 oscars 1 green terror 1 pleco soo heres my dream tank?

already have 3 oscar 1 green terror 1 pleco and a 200 gallon long tank i want to get 4-5 african clawed frogs 1-2 jaguar cichlids and 3-4 piranhas

what part would work what part wouldent work i only want long answers no short simple stuff

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    Totally a terrible stocking list.

    3 Oscars, they will fight constantly because lack of territory

    1 Green terror, will kick the oscars butts 24/7 because of aggressiveness

    ACFs, different bacteria, great snack for all the fish

    1-2 Jaguars, wayyyy to aggressive, for a single jag a 125g is minimum, for 2 start thinking 500g just for those two

    3-4 piranhas, will rip all the fish to shreads, they are voracious predators when in groups, when single they are wimps but they will die if they are not in groups

    The fish in general would never work, too much attitude, too little territory and a very wide-stretched diet, will cost you buckets when it comes to feeding time.

    If you wanted to just get an oscar, 1 green terror, 1 pleco and 1 jaguar, a 500g should do the trick, for the first year or so.

    When it comes to filtration, it will cost more than you do! Smash your piggy bank because filtration will easily hit 1000$, heating about 300$, food for a year 1000$, fish themselves, 150$

    You have to pick, you can't go psycho and just mix any and every fish together because they look cool, the tank will look unnatural, unhealthy and unhappy, esp. in such a small space.

    If i were you i would scratch the jaguar

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    The simle answer is hell no. basic plecos can attain 2 feet. One on my own is merely too large for a fifty 5 gallon. Oscars desire seventy 5 gallon tanks. you have the skill to place one in a fifty 5 on its very own. Jacks get large too, to not point out the GTs. That stocking checklist will need some 500 gallon or larger tank...

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    if you want to stick with the cichlids, you should proably skip the frogs no matter what size they get. as for the pirrhanas, i would stick to 1 or 2-any more and they start to get even more aggressive. in my 200, i have 2 blood parrots, 2 huge oscars 2 green terrors, 2 jack dempseys, 1 pirrhana, and an 11 inch plecostumus. i would stick with the aggressives-you can find tons of color in different species and they are awesome to watch. hope this helps.

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