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how to steam veggies?

Whats a quick way to steam frozen veggies from a bag? Or to steam fresh broccoli?

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    I do all my "steaming" of veggies (frozen or fresh) in the microwave. I just dump what I need (or cut up as much of the fresh as I need then dump) into a microwave safe bowl/etc (ceramic, glass) or even a paper plate, and cover loosely with a piece of waxed paper, deli wrap, or an upturned bowl, etc., then microwave for usually around 3-6 minutes (depending on quantity and whether frozen or not). I don't like my veggies *too* soft though, or I might cook longer.

    I never add water to any of my veggies btw as many people say you "must" (and is something that's more or less passed down from mouth to mouth) and they always turn out great (and preserves the most vitamins since there's no water for them to leach into).

    As for the bags, some of the frozen ones can be microwaved in their bags but I don't do that because of a few concerns about plastics in general, with the exception of the *waxed paper boxes* like spinach comes in... I just put that on a plate and microwave 6 minutes, then open the box and voila.

    And I don't use some of the special bags and stuff because I don't want to spend extra money for them or have to wash any extra equipment!

    Diane B.

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    The Zip & Steam bags by ZipLock and found with the other plastic bags on your grocer's shelves are great. They are for use in the microwave and you can put in fresh or frozen veggies and any quantity you need. This is the only way I cook vegs now.

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    but all the veggies you are steaming in a bowl, add a bit of water and all your seasonings, i personally like just salt, but you can add any seasoning you want. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, poke holes in the top using a sharp fork, then put in the microwave for 2:30 minutes but the time all depends on your microwave

    hope this helps

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