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How would England and Spain be now if Mary I of England & Phillip II of Spain had kids during there marriage?

Would the kingdoms have become one.

Would stuff have stayed pretty much the same.

Would the children have ended up fighting over who gets what.

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    That depends! Mary and Philip were both devout Catholics so, for a start, England (Great Britain, UK) probably would have remained Catholic. Their children would have been Catholic, too.

    In those days, infant mortality was high, so even if they had had children perhaps only one or two would have lived. Who knows, there might have been an extremely intelligent and charismatic heir who would have seen England through a glittering Renaissance period.

    It was because Elizabeth, Mary's half-sister, didn't marry and had no heir that the crown went to James VI of Scotland. If Mary's heirs had lived, perhaps Scotland would have stayed a separate country. We would not have had the Stuarts, Hanoverians and Saxe-Coburg-Gothas on the throne, and might well have greater connections with Spain and Austria rather than what is now Germany.

    I doubt there would have been any great changes in the greater view of things; the eldest would have inherited the crown and all the land that came with it. Any daughters would have been married off to foreign princes to add to the English/Spanish Empire. Unless one of Mary's descendants died childless, we'd probably have one of them on the throne now. Perhaps there would, in time, have been agreements between Scotland and England and they would have united.

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