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fighting corruption in philippine government?

anyone here have a success story on fighting government corruption? doesnt have to be rallies or demonstrations, we know they dont work, or else we wouldnt be in this pitiful situation right now. more like a small act to fight corruption, may be in the government office that you work for or with a relative who's a government official.

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    Constant expose' stops government corruption. My days at NCR Department of Public Works and Highways are period of tell tale about corruption which our office is considered one if not the worse corrupt agency of govt. But I dont believe much. If ever our officials receive some percentage well that compensation would not suffice for the professionalism they show and perform in their works. They are government officials of high calibre being civil engineers and mechanical engineers. They worked over time during the whole night if necessary.

    When I saw new at NCR_DPWH i didnot know how to transcribe indorsements of Awards of Bidding and Contracts. I mistakenly copied figures of amount of awarded bidding and was forwarded for the Secretary of Public Works and Highways for approval.

    The paper returned because the amount I typed is too big for the project. The Director came to our office and lambasted me. If somebody gave me bribe that I typed such big amount. I explained my side that it was error being new in the job.

    So there's not much corruption. if ever, the compensation comensurate their ability.

    by brother in the BIR also did some doctoring business tax. but he resigned in order not to be tempted again. he got sick and I prayed for him in forgiviness of his acts.

    I for one is angry if they Pakimkim me because i had nephews to help in college. anyway that is only lambing.

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    fighting corruption in philippine government will never cease... if envy and selfishness can be stopped, we shouldn't be feeling all these problems at all....

    if somebody is appointed in a govt office, they can act with the authority to rule, and no matter what they say, they will always end up using that authority to their advantage, something that people who envy their liberty of such power will not tolerate.

    if the people will change, so does the govt.

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    You will never get corruption out of the government until you take it out of the people in general. Most Pinoy are very mean to each other and will cheat if they can.

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    moral reformation amongst the youth! We cannot do anything anymore about the grown ups! they are the cancer cells of society.. We need to let them die out and furnish fresh clean ones.. The youth should have a state of morality against corruption in order to have a better Philippines in the future.

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    power corrupts

    absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Happens in any government, even here.

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    corruption is everywhere and if you try to fight it alone you will end up dead or inprisoned............trying to be good officials will earn you a lot of enemies and before you know it you are dethroned because you don't cooperate

    Source(s): i have observed it...
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    there is no known antidote for corruption in our government.

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