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can anyone give me one good reason why the IOC would choose a country at WAR as it's representative?

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    The year of the Moscow Olympics the Soviets were in the process of an invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the U.S. boycotted the games in protest. That didn't matter to the IOC then, why should it now? On the other hand the current crime rates, infra-structure problems, and a general perception overseas that the city is not a safe place to visit or particularly hospitable to outsiders given the current anti-European GOP position, might well have played a part. Besides which, why would anyone choose to skip Rio for Chicago? The weather's a lot nicer and the teenagers aren't beating people to death with railroad ties.

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    Persian Gulf War:

    (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991)

    Atlanta selected:

    Atlanta was selected in September 1990

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    Chicago had a good chance until Obama showed up. His arrogance turned the IOC off.

  • Koria
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    The International Organization of Corruption/Collusion just wants chaos.

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    That a boy. Spin this humiliation into a win. I suppose next the Left will start blaming the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for this embarrassment. LMAO.

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