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Is the IOC decision against Chicago racist?

Now that I think about it, Chicago is a majority black city. So, doesn't that make the IOC decision to pass Chicago by for the Olympics racist?

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    I think they must be racists besides Obama said the Olympics should be in Chicago too and we all know that anyone that doesn't agree with Obama has to be racist.

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    1 decade ago

    It was very racist....just as racist as not voting for Obama or not adoring him or locking your doors in Gary, Indiana or giving a black child in school a "D" because thats what he earned or.......

    you see, pulling the race card is so easy nowadays.

    Come to think of it, I'm not even Catholic but I ate fish today for lunch so I surely must be racist against Protestants. Gets pretty absurd, doesn't it?!?

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    Why absolutely. The media has just told us, with celebrity endorsements to back it up, that if you don't go along with Hussein, you are racist. So, I guess that now includes the IOC. They join N. Korea, Iran, and about 54% of his own country. Hussein is not doing so well is he. Let's see, what are his approval rating numbers this week........?

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    Picture I saw of Rio celebrating, showed the black mayor (I think it was) holding a flag and a bunch of blacks around him. So what is racist here except Obama's followers who use the race card at every turn when things do not go his way.

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    1 decade ago

    I knew it someone was gonna pull the race card, took longer than I thought though!

    Source(s): Yep Cricket they are.
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    You know, Lillith2, some people are just naturally dumb, aren't they?

    Anything to stir up trouble.

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