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Well Obama just got a big slap in the face today, huh?

I mean no matter how I felt about the Olympics coming to chicago, still the IOC gave the U.S. a pretty big slap in the face today.

Everyone was so sure chicago would win too...


Slap to his face!? Yes it was!

Chicago reped. America. In essence they gave America the big middle finger today.

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    I guess you were pretty sure of winning if you were American, however there is a big world out there, and the bids were better from that world.

    It was not really a slap in any ones face, Chicago just did not measure up.

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    The rumours are that the Chicago bid was too businesslike, without any passion. The IOC don't want it going to somewhere that will treat it as a business opportunity and nothing more.

    North America has had a lot of the games lately, as well as LA, Atlanta, Lake Placid and Salt Lake in the US, Calgary and next year Vancouver have hosted games. I suspect that was a factor counting against any US bid. As would the corruption surrounding the Salt Lake bid and the behaviour of the crowds in Atlanta (US folks may not have noticed, but the rest of the world noticed a rather unpleasant attitude with a lot of non-American competitors getting booed).

    For the first reply, I think they meant everyone as in the neutrals. I think the vast majority of neutrals were expecting it to go to Chicago, certainly that's how it was playing in the British media and with the bookies over here.

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    I live in the US and I figured Chicago would NEVER win. Who on earth wants to go there? Also, I'm glad the US did not win so I don't think it was a slap in the face. We don't need the expenditure of monies for something like that. Let Rio deal with it. Let's see how they curb their horrible crime rate during the Olympics. Let them spend their money. I don't bother with the Olympics anyway. Maybe I will watch the opening ceremonies, maybe. Let's see if Rio does their poor people dirt like China did.

    And, I'm told the world is going to end in 2012 so I wonder if they will wait until after that to make any big plans. Ha Ha.

    SOME people may say, "if Rio can afford to sponsor the Olympics, then they don't need any monetary help from the US for anything right?

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    Where was the slap. The Olympics were not awarded to Chicago, how is that a slap? Someone has obviously stolen The Dude's account. The Dude would never write something like this. This Dude is a fraud.

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    The US has hosted the Olympics many times since the modern games began (St. Louis, LA (twice), Atlanta, Lake Placid (twice), and Salt Lake City.) Atlanta and Salt Lake City were within the last 10 years. I suspect that makes it harder for the IOC to justify granting it to us, again, so soon. Too bad, I think Chicago would be a great host city; as would Baltimore/DC.

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    Look we tried and failed. We have nothing to be ashamed of. I am happy for Rio, it's the first time for South America to have the summer olympics so kudos to them.

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    Yeah, I live in Chicago, & my husband is working on a job site behind Daley Plaza. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. He said there was complete silence, like the whole crowd was in shock that we were eliminated in the first round.

    We really really needed the Olympics in this town.

    When can we qualify again??

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    "Everyone was so sure Chicago would win too..."

    Really? That's not the feeling I got in Tokyo.

    I'm sure they felt differently in Madrid, and in Rio.

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    his failure at something he tried is good,

    now we can look else where for the Anti Christ,

    for the Anti Christ will be Successful in Every Thing He Does

    and now that we all know he is not the Anti Christ, can We All Now Agree, He Tried, Which is more than we can say for most people

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    Everyone I've spoken to in England thought Rio was going to get them.

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