Can moving from Chicago to the high desert in California cause dermatitis?

I moved from Chicago to the Palm Springs area of California August 5th.

Since then, I've been having dry hands, kind of itchy, and they are cracking, kind of. It's only on my hands. I've been reading, and low humidity is one cause of dermatitis.

So, can going from a very humid area, to an area with almost no humidity at all, cause dermatitis?

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    There is an urban myth that hot dry air is always better for people.

    I have generally gotten more serious ailments during the spring and summer than fall and winter.

    I live in Chicago myself and don't have the greatest of skin. In the winter having the heat running causes the air to dry out. And constantly dry air can be harmful to skin and lungs. But this is easily fixed by an inexpensive humidifier.

    You seem to be exposed to that air all year and an indoor humidifier would probably be impractical.

    Take your next vacation in the rainy Pacific Northwest and see if things improve in a couple of weeks.

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    Sure, your skin isn't used to the dry air. You need to be sure to use a good lotion daily. I use lotion every single time I wash my hands and I always put lotion on my legs after a shower cause they get really dry. Some people have very sensitive skin where they need medicated lotions because the cracking gets so bad they bleed.

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    Your going to have changes both that you can see, drier skin, etc and blood cells, the more moist and dry the area, the smaller the cells will grow, the colder they will get bigger for the cold. Etc. things change.

  • K
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    yeah.. your skin is used to having moisture around.. and here in cali.. the only place you get that is by the beach...

    and i'd say palm springs is one of the hottest/dryest places here... so yeah.. your skin probably will be irritated....

    use extra moisture lotion!

    good luck! :]]

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    i think you r better off here. the waether is so good for you.

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