Where can I find a list of US Representatives going back to the 1880s?

I am trying to locate an individual named in an 1888 magazine as a US Representative. I don't know what state he is from. It seems like there would be a list somewhere of all of the US Representatives that ever served.


The person I am looking for is Representative J.N. Gilbert mentioned here:


But I have not been able to find a mention of a J.N. Gilbert in the Congressional Biographical Directory.

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    The Congressional Biographical Directory, 1789 to the present would be your best source. It should be in your library. It is in mine. I consult it all the time.

    If you are, specifically, looking for someone who served as a US Representative in 1888, you would need to look for 'Members of the 50th Congress, March 4, 1887 - March 3, 1889.

    In the 50th US Congress, you had:

    US Senate

    39 Republicans

    37 Democrats

    76 Total

    US House of Representatives

    167 Democrats

    152 Republicans

    2 Independent Republicans

    2 Labor

    1 National Greenback

    1 Independent

    325 Total

    So, with a total of 401 (US Senate and US House of Representatives), I've been able to narrow down your search to this

    number. I am confident you will be able to find the gentleman you are

    looking for.


    Source(s): I am a Presidential Historian
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    It might have been Charlie Rangle

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