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Why does my Albuterol HFA inhaler backfire?

I'm an asthmatic who uses the Albuterol HFA inhaler. After using about half of it, it begins to backfire.

By backfire, I mean that, instead of expelling the mist when you push down, it doesn't do so until I stop pressing the canister. Even then, it releases just a small amount of the mist instead of the normal dosage.

Does anyone know why it's doing this and how/if I can correct/fix it?

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    Take it back to the pharmacists, they should make a correction for this, it could be life threatening.

    Source(s): Former MedLab Technologist supervisor.
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    My Salbutamol inhaler is HFA, and besides the shown fact that i've got not used a CFC inhaler, i will tell that mine does not artwork as nicely while it gets heat or humid. i've got been having a poor time with my bronchial asthma in the final couple weeks. often, I supply myself one or 2 remedies in line with week, now that's often two times an afternoon. I do issues that nicely-known people shouldn't do, so i began out utilising Spiriva that I had left over from while my bronchial asthma became over clinically determined. My Salbutamol (Ratiopharm variety) have been $15/each and each in Canada. different than for the actual shown fact that that's not working extremely nicely right now, i'm incredibly happy with it. while people go on Advair, Symbicort, etc.. they nonetheless ought to hold a rescue inhaler. It is clever that fewer inhalers could be bought because of this, yet long-performing mixture drugs have been around for about 15 years and inhalers are nonetheless very basic with pulmonary sufferers. in case you think of that your rescue inhaler is a scam, my Advair 500/50 became $a hundred and fifty for 60 doses, at the same time as my Spiriva became $3 a dose. That quantities to $a hundred and fifty/month for Advair and $ninety/month for Spiriva. i think of that's intense. The drug agencies are making extensive salary off those drugs. As a respiration Therapist, i think of that drugs on the instant attainable are extra proper than those of the previous. The swap from CFC to HFA might have been a questionable circulate, thinking the variety of individuals in this internet site complaining that their inhaler does not artwork proper. It probably is a difference in the character of aerosol produced with HFA. The cloud is warmer and slower than with CFC. My concept is that larger temperatures and humidity are reducing the effectiveness of our inhalers. they'll probably artwork extra proper in the autumn.

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