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Brother HL 2030 laser printer problem?

I have a brother HL2030 laser. I had a paper jam and went about clearing it. I have thoroughly checked that all paper has been removed. However my paper LED light is blinking and i am unable to print.

I have cleared the paper jam, cleaned the drum by sliding the appropriate blue slider back and forth and have also reset the printer by turning it off holding down the go button and turning it on. Also holding it down for 4 secs.

What else could be wrong and how can i resolve my problem???

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    Check that there are no messages on the comp screen or on the printer itself saying 'select this button to continue' or whatever it may be.

    If not check that any printing jobs are canceled (bottom right of screen right click on the printer icon) in the taskbar next to the clock

    if you dont see it go start > control panel > printers and other hardware > Printers and faxes

    Select your printer and find the setting for canceling any jobs

    Try printing again. Still no luck, disconnect the usb cable from the printer and re-connect it. Again no luck, restart comp and printer.

    Apart from that not to sure.

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    Brother Hl 2030

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    Where you feed in the paper, just make sure where the paper detection point is, that there isn't a small slither of paper that has ripped off and jammed into it. This happens a lot on these types of printer; one of the best ways to clear it, is to wind the drum the opposite way to the way it takes paper in - you may see a small bit come out and then it should be fine.

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    You certainly should take the printer to the dealer from where you purchased it. A new laser printer should not make such a mess as what you are experencing. I have a monochrome and a color laser and neither of them does this.

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    stuck half in half out print cartridge

    trying to fix paper jam goofed

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