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How many jobs on top of those already lost by Obama will Barb Boxer & John Keery's energy bill kill if passed?

Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.


To those with half a brain the source is of no consequence, as this bill is being proposed none the less.

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    Others dismiss your source but I know the feds are eager to get the EPA to declare carbon a pollutant and investors like Goldman Sachs are eager to trade the credits.

    To answer, nobody knows how many jobs will be lost but we will lose.

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    STEP 1: Government creates programs which costs ridiculous amounts of money (during a time where their own people are starving in a recession). Government suddenly realizes that public health care, carbon emissions research, buying out GM, etc. costs money.

    STEP 2: Government sees a hard working, responsible, earning business and says that "they are evil rich people" and tax them to death at an insane tax rate to pay for the debt.

    STEP 3: Businesses feel immense pressure to make tax payments and are forced to increase consumer costs, decrease the quality of their goods, and lay off employees in order to pay the government.

    STEP 4: People like us are f****d.

    Source(s): One Tea Party Patriot to another. Oh and check this out. You don't think the government is a little excessive?
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    Any kind of energy bill will be hefty money.This means lost jobs.Cannot say,but I would guess a few.Seems like more puppetry from the feds.

    Source(s): Independent American
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    Not to mention how much more money we're going to have to pay for gas, but, hey, they're rich. What do they care?

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    The Heritage Foundation has an infamous right-wing bias. Is there a neutral source you can cite? Because otherwise my answer is zero.

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    Anything that Boxer does can't be right.

  • The heritage org.???? LMAO. Right, that's an unbiased source.... NOT!!!

    Try again. This time without a right wing extremist propaganda source.

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    1 decade ago

    So; by your logic: we shouldn't have stopped the nazis 'cause it would be a job killer. WE DON'T NEED THESE JOBS!

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