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fractional distillation

1. Why should the anti-bumping granules be added to the mixture?

2. What is the use of the fractional distillation column?

3. Try to describe what can be observed in the fractional distillation column during heating th mixture.

4. Describe the water flow in the water condenser. Can the direction

of water flow be changed? Explain your answer.

Testing species: Hydrogen gas, Oxygen gas, Carbon dioxide,

Chloride ion/Chloride compound, Metal ions, Water

Reagent used? Predicted observation?

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    1. To ensure smooth boiling

    2. To provide a large surface area for the vapour to condense

    3. When heating the mixture to appropriate temperature, a compound/element in it will vapourize. Passing the fractional distillation coloumn and water condenser, it will condense to the flask.

    4. The water flow in from the bottom and flow out from the top. It cannot be changed, because the contact surface area will decrease greatly



    Burning Splint

    'Pop' sound


    Glowing Splint

    'Relight' glowing splint

    Carbon Dioxide:


    turns from clear to milky

    Halides - Chloride

    Silver nitrate

    White ppt form.

    Metal ions

    Flame Test

    Potassium - Lilac

    Sodium - Golden Yellow

    Calcium - Brick Red

    Copper - Bluish Green


    Copper(ii) Sulphate

    Turns from white to blue

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