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前天,我去Sunday Shop等一個我非常喜愛的偶像.當我去到商店門外,我看見門外聚集了很多人,場面非常壯觀和擁擠.今天Jay在這商店舉行了簽名會,所以現在這令人驚嘆的場面是很正常的.過了一小時後,我看見Jay坐著豪華的車來到這裡.當Jay走到商店外,突然環境變得非常嘈吵.周圍的事物都變得古怪的.在Jay進行簽名的過程,我被一名攝影師撞跌在地上.穿著王子般服飾的Jay看見了我,突然伸出手扶起了我.然後Jay很主動地幫我簽了名.突然之間有妒忌的粉絲打斷了Jay這舉動.然後一個戴著假髮的粉絲很激動地擁抱著Jack.在粉絲的舉動下,Jay被警衛護送離開現場.看見Jay的離開,心裡有點遺憾.最後便在商店外與Jay那巨大的雕塑拍了合照.雖然不能與Jay合照,但能見到我最喜歡的偶像一面,這令我感到非常開心.

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    The day before yesterday, I went to Sunday Shop waited for an idol that I liked very much.When I go to a store door outside, I see the door outside came together a lot of people, the condition is very magnificent and crowded.Jay held a signature meeting in this store today, so this condition that make person surprised to sigh is very normal now.Led after an hour, I saw Jay arrive at here by luxurious car.When Jay walks to outside in the store, suddenly the environment become very noisy noisy.Circumferential things all become odd.Carry on the process of signature in Jay, I am bumped by a photographer to fall on the ground.Jay that is dressed in prince sort dress saw me and suddenly stretched out to start to hand me.Then Jay signed for me very on one's own initiative.There was suddenly a jealous powder silk to interrupt Jay this action.Then a powder silk that wears false hair very excitedly the embrace wear Jack.Under the action of powder silk, Jay is escorted by the guard to leave scene.See leaving of Jay, the heart has a little a regret.End then and in a shop outside with Jay that hugely carved to clap a picture.Although can't take a shot together with Jay,can see I the most favorite idol is one side, this makes me feel very happy.

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    I went to see my favorite idol in a shop the other day. When I arrived at the shop entrance, I saw a whole bunch of people gathered there already. It was very crowded. Today Jay holds the autograph session in this shop, so the surprising scene is very normal. I saw Jay drove a luxury car to get here after an hour. When Jay arrived at the shop, the environment was very boisterous suddenly. Everything was so strange. I During the autograph process, I was crashed by a photographer. Jay saw this incident and extended his hand to hold me up, and he gave me a signature in a very active way. Suddenly the jealous 粉絲 interrupted this action, and a 粉絲 who’s wearing a wig held Jack tightly and impulsively. Because of 粉絲’s actions, Jay had been escorted to depart from the scene by the security guards. I feel regretted to see Jay leaves. Finally I took a picture with Jay’s statue outside the shop. Although I could not take a picture together with Jay himself, I was very happy to see my favorite idol in person.

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