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PHYSICS (action and reaction)

I want to ask a question about action and reaction. If I push a car with a force, due to action and reaction, there should be a equal and opposite force exerted by the car hence those forces should be balanced. Then why the car would move finally?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Note that by Newton's third law of motion, an action and reaction pair are equal in direction but opposite in direction, they act on two and only two bodies.

    So to speak, that when an action force is acting on one object A by the other object B, then there must be a reaction force acting on B by A.

    Therefore, for your case, when you push the car, the car accelerates due to a net force acting on it.

    The car will exert a reaction force on YOU. But not on itself. The reaction force is same in magnitude as the action, but opposite in direction.

    Therefore, the net force on the car is not zero.

    Source(s): Physics king
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