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Some home remdies for whitening teeth? (i.e baking soda and peroxide)?

like i mentioned above about the baking soda and peroxide, i wanna know how to mix this, or do i even need to mix it? lol i may sound stupid but i knew about this but im just not quiet sure how to do it the right way!

and also if you know any other home remedies then could you list them in ur answer too??


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    I would stick with both of the things you have listed. please don`t buy crest white strips

    Can you please help me with my question please

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    The baking soda is used to help remove surface stains. So you don't have to brush hard. Just leave it on the teeth for a minute or two. Do this for a couple of days. You should see some results. You can get tooth whitening gel at the dollar store. It works pretty well at removing stains. Colgate has strips that are supposed to work well. cost about $50-60 dollars. Avoid chocolate, tea coffee colas that stain teeth. Use a straw when possible.

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    Yes you were right you can use peroxide and baking soda, separate and also together

    Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong and potent natural bleach and disinfectant. For dental care you should use the hydrogen peroxide 3% variety, which is diluted enough to use on skin or to rinse teeth

    When you use it as a natural teeth whitening agent the fizzing action will kill bacteria and seriously clean your teeth

    The most common way to use it is to swish some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth and around your teeth for 1 minute. Then spit it out, do NOT swallow it!!!

    Afterward you might notice that your gums are a bit irritated and it can cause teeth sensitivity over time, but it is completely safe. Then brush your teeth as normal. When you use this method only do it maximum twice a day

    Baking soda dissolves easily, and is a mild abrasive so it can remove stains. It has anti acid properties so it will protect your enamel from acid attacks. It is anti bacterial which protects you from plaque. And it has anti fungal properties, all which makes it very useful as a dental cleaner

    You could use baking soda by itself, by putting some baking soda on your toothbrush and gently brush your teeth with it, don't overdo it. Be careful the baking soda might irritate your gums

    Another long trusted and very powerful natural teeth whitening treatment is to mix baking soda with salt and brush your teeth with this

    A third option is to mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of vinegar, add a pinch of salt and brush your teeth with this

    Be careful, don't use these methods too much, although they are very effective it is not always necessary to use this kind of force to clean your teeth

    To use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and add hydrogen peroxide until it has the same consistency as a toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this and after that brush with your normal toothpaste. To finish it off, you can swish some peroxide around your teeth and after that rinse with clean water

    Hopefully this will be of any help, good luck.

    Source(s): Own experience For more info on natural teeth whitening:
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  • 1 decade ago

    i am not trying to be a perv or nothing but i have actually herd from a lot of people there is something in sperm that whitens teeth

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    i think both works

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