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Define: statement necklace/jewellery?

your definition?

i'm wearing this chain-ish necklace with a blouse, and it stands out real well [ish]

but i was wondering if wearing a pearl cuff bracelet would classify as statement jewellery as well.

so, thoughts?

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    That old adage, "remove one piece of jewelry before you leave the house" is long gone!! It is now appropriate (and even fashion forward) to wear more than one piece of "statement" jewelry at a time.

    If you are going to go bold on your accessories, choose an outfit that is clean and classic. You don't want to overload on accessories with an outfit that is also full of embellishment and pattern.

    So, as long as you choose one or the other--clean and classic outfit with bold multi pieces of jewelry or bold/embellished outfit with simple/minimal jewelry--you will be great!

    The two pieces you described sound fantastic and I bet they will look great together! :)

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    Define Necklace

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    Define Jewelry

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    any jewelry with an outfit is a statement!

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