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I NEED to get into UCLA! If i don't i will DIE! HELP! :((?

so i'm in 8th grade, and our school started about 2 months ago.

these are my grades:

Social Studies: D

Math: F

Science: D

Language Arts: C

Art: A

Music: B

alright. i know at this rate, i probably wont even pass the 8th grade.

BUT. i am really trying to bring my grade up, so i will be able to make it to high school.

in high school, i plan on taking all AEP/ honor classes.

already, convinced by my current grades, you'd probably think that's impossible for me.

but i am SOOO determined to get AMAZING grades in high school because my DREAM is to get into UCLA. (by the way, i live in arizona.)


1. i am going to sunnyslope high school. do you think that is a good high school, or do you think that i should aim for a better high school?

2. if i pass the 8th grade with low grades and i get into high school, (D's are passing grades) will that affect my chances of getting into UCLA?

3. What's the lowest GPA and SAT scores i could have, and still be able to get into UCLA?

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    1) A better high school may give you better opportunities to achieve, but you can still excel even if the high school you attend is not top notch. Consider whether you will do better in a more competitive environment and make the decision.

    2) No, in fact, grades from 9th grade are not included in the UC GPA calculation. So you get one more year to learn and develop good study habits.

    3) UCLA is academic achievement oriented, meaning fantastic grades and stellar test scores are essential to be competitive. There is no "minimum" grades or scores that will guarantee acceptance because the competition is extremely fierce.

    Source(s): I am a college admissions consultant specializing in the admissions process of highly selective California public universities. Aside from advising students, I volunteer with Berkeley and UCLA on high school admissions outreach (I attend college fairs to promote the schools). I also volunteer to score Alumni Scholarship applications and interview the applicants (in the Los Angeles area) for both campuses. I received my BA from Berkeley and I was in a PhD program at UCLA. I offer free and fee-based services to high school and transfer students who are interested in attending highly selective California public universities. You can contact me thru my web site if you need help planning your academic curriculum, choosing extracurricular activities, writing your personal statement, or applying for scholarships:
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    The bad news is that your program in the eighth grade is not a very difficult one and you are doing very poorly in your academic classes.

    You will get into high school. It is mandatory. However, you probably will not be placed in college preparatory classes and may have to repeat the eighth grade if your grades do not greatly improve this school year.

    Unless your grades improve greatly, you should think about two-year colleges.

    By the time you are ready for college, out of state students at UCLA, if it takes any at all, will probably be required to have a GPA of about 3.95 and combined math and reading SAT scores of about 1150.

    However, you will not die as a result of not succeeding at being admitted to UCLA unless you are bleeding to death and don't get to the UCLA hospital emergency room in time ;-)

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    You may not get into UCLA on your first try. You may not get into UCLA on your second try. You may not get into UCLA - EVER!

    You also may run into major financial problems straight out of high school, break up with the love of your life, find out your dog's been run over days after your breakup, gain 30lbs, and be forced to work at McDonald's three summers in a row.

    Life doesn't care about your plan, and the sooner you realize this, the more manageable these common crashes will become. Appreciate what you have and what you can reasonably attain and accept that the fairytale of perfection is for the weak at heart.

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    1. I don't know the your own will help you not only because of the information you will get, but the act of doing resarch would be a good skill to work on.

    2. Most schools (Almost all) don't look at classes from before high school. I wouldn't worry about it.

    3. Depends. There are some 'minimums' at some schools, but it's usually a case-by-case basis. They take people who graduated with all D's if it turns out they're a genius. They don't take people with 4.6gpas if they are horrible/uninteresting people. It's all a crap shoot.

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    1 i dunno

    2 no. but it will affect your ability to get into honors, advanced, AP, or gifted classes in HS.. and higher level math classes (you should be in at least calc 1 by senior year). and the school will look at the type of classes you took in HS

    3. check on the UCLA website.. they usually list what the incoming class of the previous year had as far as gpa and sat scores.. each year it gets harder to get into uni's so that average should be your goal.. even though you could possibly get in with lower scores if you have good extracurriculars, etc..

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