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Which ugg brands are actually from Australia?

And made in Australia too? And where to find them? Thanks.

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    Sweet, another person who knows top quality UGG boots really do come from AUSTRALIA and NOT China like most girls believe in the USA. First off, UG,UGH,UGLY, and UGG all are GENERIC names for a type or style of sheepskin boot that has been handcrafted in AUSTRALIA for nearly 200 years.EMU boots are also made in AUSTRALIA and fall into the catagory of UGG style boots. Under INTERNATIONAL LAW it is ILLEGAL to trademark or copyright any GENERIC word used to discribe a product or service sold to consumers.Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad,Nickie Hilton, Sienna Miller, and Jennifer Aniston ALL wear the UGG boots that are handcrafted in AUSTRALIA. I also wear the UGG Pammy short in chestnut along with alot of my friends. Sienna Miller wears the UGG Nomad in tall. Go to or to check out real,genuine AUSTRALIAN handcrafted UGG boots. Also read UGG WARS and HISTORY OF UGG BOOTS to learn more about AUSTRALIAN HANCRAFTED UGG BOOTS! good luck, enjoy your UGG boots.

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    You Can Find It In There And Australia Hand Made Too

    It Really Cool Isn't

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