Big Family Name Game!?

Please don't report this is just for fun if you don't like it just don't do it.

1.You marry your college boyfriend ______ ______. He is studying _____ and you are studying _____. You move out of your college apartments and pick one of the following houses to live in:





2. A year after you've moved in you find out you're pregnant with twins! A girl and a boy. The girls middle name has to be a flower name and the boys middle name has to be an animal name.

3. Your girl and boy are two years old and you discover you're pregnant again, with a little boy! You name him after your grandfather.

4. Your kids are 4 and 2 and you decide to get a dog. Is it girl or boy, what type is it and what's its name? Try to connect a link to what it looks like.

5. Your little girl is lonely but you don't want to get pregnant again so you decide to adopt a little girl. Where is she from and what do you name her?

6. Your children are 12, 12, 10 and 8. After a wild night out you realize your pregnant again with triplets! A boy and two girls. They all have to start with the same letter and their middle names are country/state names.

7. Your dog gets accidentally run over with a neighborhood car and your children are distraught. You decide to get another two dogs. What are their genders, breed and names?

8. Your kids are 19, 19, 17, 15, 7, 7 and 7. Your two oldest are at college. What are they studying?

9. Optional: List all of your childrens interests and hobbies.

10. Optional: Your children are all grown up, what are their professions? Do they have spouses, children?

Hope you had fun!


Mine are:

1. Aiden Matthew, philosophy and I’m are studying veterinary science


2. Zoey Rose and Elliot Phoenix

3. Alan Kennedy

4. Its names Daisy and it’s a girl Golden Retriever (Zoey with Daisy)

5. She is from China and we name her McKenna Alicia

6. Liam Memphis, Lilly India and Lilac Sydney

7. Golden girl cocker spaniel called Phoebe and black boy cocker spaniel called Noah

8. Zoey’s: Law

Elliot’s: Engineering

9. Zoey: Yoga

Elliot: Judo

Alan: Sailing

McKenna: Ballet

Liam: Karate

Lilly: Clarinet

Lilac: Hockey

10. Zoey:Lawyer. Spouse:Jon Kids:Delila,Courtney

Elliot:Engineer Spouse:Sarah Kids:Poppy,Loclan,Rochelle


McKenna:Ballerina, adopted son Edward

Liam:Pilot. Spouse:Dailey Kid:Lavender

Lilly:Painter. Dating:Joel Kid:Noelle Talia

Lilac:Newspaper editor Dating: Alistair James

Update 2:

Zoey, Elliot, Alan, McKenna, Liam, Lilly, Lilac

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    yayyy love these

    1. James, he is studying architecture, me writing. I pick C. D looks haunted lol!

    2. Abigail Holly, Brandon Jay

    3. Nicholas Howard

    4. Female Cavalier King Charles named Lola

    5. Germany, Analiese Heidi


    6. Brooke Savannah, Bryce London, Brody Kent

    7. Two Maltese dogs two girls: Countess and Duchess

    8. Cooking and Astronomy

    9. Abby- Loves reading and writing

    Brandon- Loves soccer and cars

    Nick- Loves fishing and swimming

    Analiese- Loves sewing and baking

    Brooke- Loves modeling and acting

    Bryce- Loves bikes and skateboarding

    Brody- Loves surfing and hockey

    Abigail- married to Liam, became an author, has 2 boys Carter and David

    Brandon- Became an astronomer, married to Sarah with one girl Sadie

    Nick- Became a professional golfer, married with 3 girls Elise, Whitney, and Chloe, they adopted a boy from England named Oliver.

    Analiese- Stay at home mommmy, married to Walter, has 3 boys 2 girls, Hunter, Jackson, Luke, Natasha, and Naomi.

    Brooke- Aspiring model, has a boyfriend but no kids

    Bryce- Professional motocross racer, has a son with girlfriend Courtney, his name is Blake.

    Brody- Professional ice hockey player, also a player of women no kids no wife.

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    1. I marry my college boyfriend, Connor. He's studying graphic design and I'm studying film.

    We're living in c. It's in england! I'm definitely moving there.

    2. The twins are Clara Lily and Owen Drake.

    3. The little boy is Griffin Horatius. (Horatius is my grandfather. Yeah, definitely not giving him that first name. Sorry grandpa.)

    4. The dog is a golden lab. She's a girl and we call her Ginny.

    5. The adopted baby girl is from Ukraine, and she already has a name. Its Katya Svetochka.

    6. The triplets are Seamus York, Sofiya Holland, and Summer Carolina.

    7. We get mutts. Sisters Holly and Batsheva.

    8. Clara is studying foreign relations and wants to become an ambassador. Owen is studying art.

    9. Clara is very smart, she loves politics, she's a bit of a know it all, very scientific.

    Owen is exactly the opposite, very artsy, and loves music.

    Griffin is a soccer nut. He got a full scholarship to college for soccer.

    Katya is very outgoing and athletic. She loves cheerleading and soccer.

    Seamus is a musical prodigy. He plays the piano, guitar, clarinet, etc, etc. He also has a beautiful voice. He wants to go to Juilliard.

    Sofiya is a drama queen. She's the actress of the family.

    Summer is shy and loves writing.

    10. Ugh I can't think anymore.

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    1. Jacob Lee Jones studying to be a surgeon. I'm studying forensic pathology. Living in house C

    2. Laurel Rose and Casey Wren (Laurel and Casey)

    3. Hayden Vince (Hayden)

    4. A female brown labrador named Squizzy

    5. India- We name her Indiana Jane (Indiana/ Ana)

    6. B/G/G Aspen Francisco, Adelaine Ireland and Ariella Dakota ( Aspen, Adelaine and Ariel)

    7. Two males, both golden retrievers called Bouncer and Skippy

    8. Casey is studying to be a surgeon like his father and Laurel is studying Psychology.

    9. Laurel is quiet but very intelligent and was always a very loved girl in school, although she never flaunted it. Casey was always a big flamboyant personality but he quietened down a little in his last years old highschool, he's known for being caring. Hayden is a typical bad boy but always has time for family and friends. Aspen is a football fanatic and wants to be a famous footballer when he grows up. Adelaine and Ariel stay together 24/7 and are girly girls who love makeup and are very kind.

  • 1. Ethan Charles, law. I'm studying Nursing.


    2. Caroline Lily & Benjamin Tiger

    3. Jackson Noah

    4. Golden Retriever named Sadie.


    5. She's from the France and we name her Esme Madelyn.

    6. Gemma Charlotte, Grace Sydney, & Gregory Austin

    7. A pomeranian named Phoebe and another Golden Retreiver named Max.



    8. Caroline: Medicine.....Ben: Law

    9. Intersts:

    - Caroline: Ballet

    - Ben: Footall

    - Jax: Motorcycles

    - Esme: Singing

    - Gemma: Acting

    - Grace: Gymnastics

    - Gregory: Baseball

    10. Children's professions/families:

    - Caroline is a pediatrician. She is married to Nick. She has two children, Katherine Sophia & Aiden Nicholas.

    - Ben is a lawyer. He is married to Olivia and has a daughter named Hallie Isabella.

    - Jax is a pilot. He is married to Sara and has a son, Landon Zachary

    - Esme is a professional singer. She is married to Travis and has three children, Lucy Elizabeth, Jocelyn Abigail, & Rosaline Anna

    - Gemma owns a day care. She is a single mom to Liam Conner & Parker Matthew

    - Grace is a gymnastics teacher. She is dating a man named James.

    - Gregory is an arcitect. He is dating a lady named Rachael.

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    1. James Carlos, Architect, Interior Design we move into house C.

    2. Persusa "Susa" Rose and Cyrus Fox

    3. Ozborne "Ozzy" Karr

    4. Boy, Yorkie, Tarzan

    5. From England her name is Matilda Anne

    6. Lucy Aspen, Lindsay Asia and Lucas "Luke" Phoenix

    7. Another two Yorkies a boy named Jasper and a girl named Striker

    8. Susa is studying Fashion and Cyrus is studying Journalism.

    Fun If i could i would to the extras!

  • 3 years ago

    1. Tristan Cordova. Paleontology. Journalism, house a

    2. Lilith Rose and Nicolas Leon Cordova (Lion in spanish)

    3. Henry Julian Cordova

    4. Corgi named Penelope. We call her Penny.

    5. She's from China and we name her Violet Florence Cordova.

    6. Elliot Destin, Erick Dakota and Emmeline Sydney Cordova

    7. Australian Shepard named Bleu and another Corgi named Sammy

    8. Lilith is studying interior design and Nicolas is studying engineering.

    Lilith, Nicolas, Henry, Violet, Elliot, Erick and Emmy

  • 1. Jameson Benjamin Keller. Both of us are studying medicine. We move into house B, although it's not really my style.

    2. Elizabeth "Libby" Rose Keller.

    Benjamin "Ben" Tiger Keller.

    3. Nicholas "Nick" Raymond Keller.

    4. Girl- Abigail, black and white husky.

    5. My local orphanage in the USA.

    Victoria "Tory" Serenity Keller.

    6. Christopher "Chris" Ireland Keller.

    Cassandra "Cassie" America Keller.

    Caroline "Cara" Dakota Keller.

    7. Two more black and white huskies.

    Girl- Addison. Boy- Jakobi.

    8. Medicine, just like their parents.

    9. Libby- College, studying, homework, family, scrapbooking.

    Ben- Medicine, friends, partying, soccer, football, basketball.

    Nick- School, studying, homework, family, video games, tv.

    Tory- Friends, socializing, studying, texting, surfing the internet.

    Chris- Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, friends, socializing.

    Cassie- Family, grades, homework, socializing, texting, friends.

    Cara- Sun, sand, surf, beach, sky, leaves, forest, camping, family.

    Libby: Pediatrician, married with one son. William "Liam" Thomas.

    Ben- Engaged, no children, medical school.

    Nick- Single, no children, criminal investigator.

    Tory- Married, three kids, stay at home mom.

    Samantha "Sam" Beverly, Zachary "Zach" Kai, Jacobi "Jake."

    Chris- Police officer, married, one daughter. Hannah Kate.

    Cassie- Married, beautician, one daughter. Alexis "Lexi" Sadie.

    Cara- Engaged, orthodontist, no children.

    Source(s): Really fun! :)
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    You're so much better at this than me, not sarcastic lol (:

    1. I marry Alex Parker, he studies psycology, I study teaching, engineering, foreign language, and wedding planning. We move into house C.

    2. Gabriel Bear Parker

    Violet Rose Parker

    3. Nicholas Wayne Parker

    4. Boy long haired miniature daschund named Fritz

    5. She's from Russia and named Ariel Katarina Parker.

    6. Andrew Chad Parker

    Aurora Ireland Parker

    Athena America Parker

    7. Girl white pomeranian named Kreme Puff

    Male long haired teacup chihuahua named Guy

    8. Gabe is studying psycology and Violet is studying literature.

  • -Nicholas Samson

    -I'm studying architecture .

    -He's studying Chemistry.


    - Juliette Violet and Oliver Raven

    - Jack Robert

    - Afghan Named Dopey girl

    - She is from Lithuania and her name is Sofija (Sophia)

    - Garreth Washington, Gemma Carolina, and Gwendolyn Virginia

    - A boy border collie named Corvette and a girl Husky named Tundra

    - Juliette is becoming a nurse and Oliver is becoming a Business owner

    Juliette- singing

    Oliver- Soccer


    Sofija - Art


    Gemma- Swimming

    Gwendolyn- Volleyball

    Juliette- Nurse, married , two girls Anna and Bella

    Oliver- CEO, married, one boy Taylor Reid

    Jack- Professional Hockey player, unmarried, Has an adopted son Nathan Harrison Logan

    Sofija- Artist in Lithuania, Married, One boy Andrei, one girl Ami

    Garreth- engineer, married, 3 boys, 2 girls Ben, Jason, Connor, Elle, Toria

    Gemma- Dog Trainer, married, 3 girls Hannah, Gracelyn, Ariel

    Gwendolyn- Pilot single

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    1. Greg. He wants to work for Microsoft & I wanna be a writer.

    B. We pick this house:

    2. Amelia Rose & Troy Wolf Gang

    3. Herbert Franklin (Frankie)

    4. We get a girl bulldog named Ginger

    5. We adopt a little girl from China, and name her Lilah Faith.

    6. Arabella Rome, Adelaide America & Alastair Ireland

    7. Two more girl dogs - Lilly & Lacey. Bulldogs again.

    8. Amelia wants to be a kindergartner teacher & Troy wants to be a professional football player.

    Amelia - Married, two daughters, teacher.

    Troy - Married, three sons, football player.

    Frankie - Married, one girl & one boy, works for the local aquarium.

    Lilah - Married, one daughter, drama school teacher.

    Arabella - Married, no children yet, in school for writing like me.

    Adelaide - Not married, no children, nurse.

    Alastair - Not married, no children, computer tech.

    Thanks! That was fun =)

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