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im doin world challenge and i have the chooce of thailand and nepal what shal i go for?

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    Nepal: 1. more people speak & understand english than in thailand (when you need to ask directions & any help)

    2. WEATHER-it is hotter than in thailand (lesser water supply)

    3. roads are worst than bangkok so does traffic & there's usually like porters carrying all sorts of stuff bigger than themselves on the road itself making the driving hard.

    4. transportation is not that accessible

    5. there's god house about every 2blocks (hinduism)

    Thailand: 1. less people speak & understand english but there are more tourists than in nepal

    2. traffic is horrible but there are motorcycle taxis (they call it "Motto") anywhere in the streets that you can take. they can get you to where you wanna go faster (it can be scary if it's your first time)


    4. there is a LAW that the Thai people strictly follow: "foreigner friendly" it is a crime not to abide by it

    5. water is never a problem but NEVER DRINK POTABLE WATER

    6. it's rainy these days in Thailand

    7. it's a heavily buddhist country.

    Source(s): lived in those 2 countries
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    Thailand, easy. If youre looking for a beautiful country to visit. Its one of the best.

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    Thailand of course.

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