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Does anyone have any Supernatural(TV Show) Party Ideas?

Ok, i'm having a party the night before Halloween and i'm a bit stuck. The show Supernatural ya know? With Sam and Dean Winchester. I want to throw my party off that. See (May contain Spoilers) my theme for the food table is Heaven and Hell. Good vs. Evil- you get my point. I need anything you can give me. From any Season i'll take. I need some more themes. I love the show and i'm finding a few ideas, but it's a slow process by myself. So if anyone could help out i'd be thankful. Decorations or just games-you name it. The age group is 18-20.

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    I'm having a Supernatural/Halloween party too. As for games we came up with "Bobbying for Ackles"-bobbing for apples, "Gank the Ghost"- There will be balloons on the ground that are made to look like ghosts and the point is to go nuts and randomly pop one and there will be a number inside. We have Supernatural related gag gifts to go with the numbers (rabbit's foot keychain, vampire fangs, plastic bugs etc.) We're also having a Supernatural trivia game called "Idjit or No Idjit". It's hard to miss but idjit has been Bobby's favorite term regarding the boys in the past :) I also had a small Supernatural party before for about 6 people so I came up with a goody bag idea. I bought color chinese takeout looking boxes from the party store and made a "Winchester Takeout" label for them. This is what I put inside: gummy candy shaped like burgers-fries-hot dogs-pizza, small Hostess apple pie (Dean's junk food addiction), bone shaped candy, chunks of white rock candy (rock salt), pop rocks, mints that were in a container shaped like a can of Miller Light, ghost lollipop, license plate themed tin of mints (it said Heart Breaker), nerds (Sam), and I made little fake ID's with my friends pictures on them so they could find theirs. This was before Halloween so I had trouble finding monster related candy. It was a lot of fun for me to put together. My friends and I are 18-19 years old.

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    Love the show. How about having Devils traps as decorations. If everyone is a fan of the show you could do a type of trivia type game like "What supernatural being am I?" Make sure to have salt, holy water, silver, and crosses around for decoration.

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    12 year girl birthday party ideas

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