Rod Benson was finally signed to an NBA team?

Man, I'm so happy for him. Very deserving, and you know he'll play his heart out.

BQ: Who did your team sign today?

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    I believe he is a good hustle guy in the paint and I hope he earns a roster spot, but Pacers already have 14 guaranteed contracts and the competition will be very fierce.

    Luther Head seems to be the 15th player to secure the roster if nothing usual occurs, but Pacers do not have an immediate need at backcourt.

    Lawrence Roberts makes the direction competition to Rod Benson and he is supposed to be a better basketball talent than Benson, but Pacers have two guaranteed PFs who can play the post in Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRobert and I doubt a tweener like Roberts would be a difference-maker.

    Demetris Nichols is a typical spot-up shooter than Pacers would not mind to add, but his upside is very limited.

    Benson should not be inferior to Solomon Jones, and this is exactly what Benson must improve by now. Good luck to him.

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    Wow, I thought this day will never come. This man has worked so hard for this. I wish him the best of luck.

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