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Can I have a tongue piercing with a denture?

I have a denture (i have a couple of missing teeth near the front so it isn't a full denture) and I would realllyyyyy like my tongue pierced. I'm 16 years old but the only thing that has stopped me getting it done so far is the fact I wear a denture.

I am worried the metal ball will 'click' against it..

Is there anyway around this?

Thanks guys :)

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    The ball shouldn't click against it if it is pierced far enough back. Talk to the piercer when you go in and ask about the risks of getting it done with the denture in. I really don't think it would cause too much damage if the piercing was placed appropriately.

    Source(s): My tongue piercing never hits my teeth.
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    Of course you can get you're tongue pierced! And that weirdo that said it's ridiculous to get you're tongue pierced is obviously wrong, how would getting YOU'RE tongue pierced have anything to do with HER? You only live once right? So go ahead! My aunt has a denture and she has her tongue pierced!

    Good luck!

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    Please don't do such a ridiculous thing as getting your tongue pierced. With or without a denture...

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