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My baseball playoff picks, What are you picks?

National League

Cardinals defeat Dodgers 3-0 (Pitching of the Cardinals has been brilliant and Albert and Holiday is a great 1-2 punch, Dodgers been really limping in the playoffs and last year had Derek Lowe to rely on pitching wise, they will be in for a rude awakening vs the Cards)

Phillies defeat Rockies 3-2 (I think the Rockies will put up a fight, but they are clearly not the same team they were when the Rockies beat them in 07. They have stronger pitching and the lineup is clutch)

Cards defeat Phillies 4-2 (Even though the Phils own the Cards, I think the Cards pitching is going to show up big time in this postseason)

American league

Yankees defeat Tigers 3-2 (I think the Tigers are going to have a shot in this series, I believe Verlander pitching twice and the fact that the Tigers are insanely good at home will keep them in the series, but the Yankees dept and homefield will prove too much)

Red Sox defeat Angels 3-1 (I don’t care if the Red Sox are limping in, the Red Sox consistently prove to be the toughest out in the playoffs every year and the Angels starting pitching isn’t what it was. Sox will show up as they always do in the postseason.

Yankees defeat Red Sox 4-3 (The worse thing for the Red Sox is to lose to the Yankees, but the Yankees got their mojo back right now and the Red Sox will need a huge effort to win this 7 game series. I don’t see it happening this year.

World Series

Cardinals defeat Yankees 4-2 (Yes I am picking the Cards to win the series, Their 3 man rotation is the best in baseball right now and lineup is pretty good. Though they have closer issues, I think the Cards are on a mission this year. This Cards team is far better than the 06 title team and has a better pitching staff and lineup.

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  • Rob K
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    1 decade ago
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    Phillies defeat Rockies 3-1; Too much offense and experience from the Phillies here. With 4 players over 30 home runs a piece, gold glove defense and a deep 4-man rotation of players who are all solid; they make easy work of the Rockies. Whose really scared of Jason Marquis?

    Cardinals defeat the Dodgers 3-1; Both of these teams come in rather cold at the moment. The Dodgers have issues in their starting rotation, and their offensive lineup tends to be streaky. Though I feel after Holliday and Pujols, the Cardinals lineup is lacking in depth, thats enough versus a weak Dodgers rotation. Carpenter/Wainwright is the best 1-2 punch in baseball.

    Angels defeat Red Sox 3-2; In the best series of the first-round, I can finally see the Angels beating the Red Sox in a playoff series. Too many questions linger about the Sox injuries and certain spots in the rotation are weak. The Angels need veterans like Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Vlad Guerrero to step up here. Their pitching is rock solid.

    Yankees defeat Tigers 3-2; Though questions also loom about the Yankees middle-relief or lack there of, I think their offense is too much for a mediocre to above-average Tigers rotation. Miguel Cabrera has always been none to disappear in the playoffs. I think Verlander can win a game, possibly two here.



    Phillies defeat Cardinals 4-3; I myself agree that Carpenter/Wainwright is the best 1-2 in baseball, and Pinero is also very decent, but their lineup has major holes in it. After Holliday and Pujols, they get little consistency. Ryan Ludwick's vastly inconsistent, DeRosa, Rasmus, etc are "decent players" but far from game-changers. When you look at the Phillies lineup -- we're talking one of the greatest of lineups of the decade so far. Four players over 30 HRs, four players over 100 runs, their 7th batter Pedro Feliz has over 80 RBIs, there's 3-4 potential gold glovers on the roster (Rollins, Victorino, Werth, Utley.) Not to mention, Ryan Howard is his usual self in August/September/October, with 55 RBIs in his last 40 games. Their rotation of Lee-Hamels-Blanton(very underrated, era under 3 since July) and ROY JA Happ, all of which have won over 10 games.

    The Phillies bullpen - back end does have its issues, then again so do the Cardinals. We just hear about that a lot less. I give the Phillies the edge on depth here, and homefield advantage for a Game 7 in Philadelphia.

    Yankees defeat Angels 4-2; The overall strength of the Yankees lineup from top to bottom will be too much for the "small-ball" Angels to keep up with here.

    Phillies over Yankees 4-2; If you look at the Yankees roster, there's plenty of inexperience on the roster. Texiera, Sabathia(never won a playoff game). I also think the Phillies are the deeper of the two teams. Not to mention, I still can't see the Yankees winning it all, just a gut feeling.

    Maybe I'm a little biased, but theres at least some factual evidence in my choices.

  • 1 decade ago

    Cards over Dodgers - Cards on a roll, best pitching staff in NL, best 3 man playoff rotation, best 1-2 punch in Pujols and Holliday. They are clearly the class of the NL, having taken this title from LA awhile ago.

    Rockies over Phillies - while the Phils starting pitchers are better than '07, the Rockies have put together quite a nice run as a team effort - you can't just take one or two players for them and say "Wow". Plus, much to RobK's dismay, Manuel is loyal to Lidge - don't overlook an eventful 9th inning by the Rockies.

    NLCS won't be much of a contest after that - Cardinals are far too strong for the Rockies and win it 4-1.

    AL - Yankees will win ALDS regardless if they play the Tigers or Twins (we are not dead yet - plus, Greinke doesn't win EVERY game, so sweeping KC at home is not an outlandish thought). The Tigers would probably have the better pitchers to face the Yankees, but Baker in his career has given the Yankees fits. I see one pitcher from either team throwing the game of his life to win one, but either case, Yankees 3-1.

    Red Sox - Angels: While I love Hunter, Figgins and Vlad, the Halo's pitchers just don't seem to be having too good a time right now. Like above, someone like Lackey is good enough to get a game won, but I do agree with TWAS - Red Sox will continue the postseason mastery of LA.

    ALCS - By now, what will be the health of CC? What of Joba - if he is even on the postseason roster (stupid if he is). I just don't like the make-up of the Yankee starters for a deep postseason run. SInce this is Yankees-Red Sox, it will be 7 games, each one taking over 4 hours, with the Red Sox again celebrating on Yankee Stadium turf.

    World Series - With a nice rest for the Redbird pitchers, Carpenter and Co. should have a great time here. The Red Sox have the offense to give them fits (Pedroia alone can drive pitchers nuts, even if he is not producing hits), but I like the Cards advantage with the pitching and defense. So, in revenge for being the team that the Sox broke the curse against, the Cards win this one in six.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm not sure that people believe that teams with the best record win. When people make their playoff picks, it's almost always based on fan bias. And do you know who the remaining fans, the fans of actual baseball pick? No one, because it's silly. No one knows who's going to win and it's a pointless exercise to answer the 100 questions a day trying to justify some asker's faith in their team. Some are blatant and ask "why is team X going to win" Some ask the open question and even though some will give detailed chances based on matchups, you will see a BA next to "TEAM X Rocks" Historically, if you have a really poor record (Dodgers), you don't go really far (06 Cards the exception, not the rule). If you have no playoff experience, you don't always have an easy go (Rays and Brewers) You don't need 5 starters in the playoffs, so if you are a playoff team with a weak 5th starter, you get a bit further. And wild cards have won a good share of the WS since that's been introduced. Instead of predicting who will win, I go for the best story for the season. I would simply love to see the Cubs beat the Rays in the world series because it would end 100 year drought and reward the Rays for a great season while still giving them something to strive for

  • 1 decade ago

    Dodgers over the Cardinals 3-1

    Phillies over the Rockies 3-2

    Dodgers over the Phillies 3-2

    Yankees over Tigers 3-1

    Angles over Red Sox 3-2

    Angles over Yankees 3-1

    Dodgers over Angles 3-2

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cards over Dodgers 3-1

    Rockies over Phillies 3-2

    Cards over Rockies 4-1

    Yankees over Tigers 3-0

    Red Sox over Angels 4-3

    Yankees over Red Sox 4-1

    Cards over Yankees 4-3

    Source(s): Hopefully Yankees win tho
  • 1 decade ago

    Yankees over the LA dodgers in 6

  • 1 decade ago


    Red Sox over Angels in 4

    Tigers over Yankees in 4(my upset call)


    Cardinals over Dodgers in 4

    Phillies over Rockies in 4


    Red Sox over Tigers in 6


    Phillies over Cardinals in 7

    World Series

    Phillies over Red Sox in 6

    Source(s): King Of NJ
  • JK
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    1 decade ago

    agree with everything except:

    Phils over Rockies in 4 games, 3 - 1

    Yanks Beat Sox 4-1

    Phils beat Cards 4 - 3

    Phils beat yanks 4-2

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