PLEASE can I get feedback on these lyrics will be really apreciated?

I was lost in a maze. Just struggling to get out of a phase. My brains trying not to squeeze through my skull. Whilst My body seems to be missing a soul. I looked in the reflection my face was blurred. My mouth would move but wouldn't say a word. So I cut my hand smashing that mirror with my fist. Caus I've been trying to remember a memory that doesent exist. Im a ghost walking amongst the living and the dead. A broken nightmare replaying in my head. A boy with no dreams is a boy with no talent. A see through heart makes you feel transparent. I'm blessed with this constant false vision. The truth in this lie is I'm trapped in my own prison. My face seems to be one that's always forgotten. A head that can't work out how it's thoughts turnt rotten. I'm up in the clouds having a chat with the lord. Talking in his ears he's telling me he's bored. The floor starts to break under my feet. As  I watch hell transend through the street. Can it be repaired I can't stop this friction. My thoughts rub on my brain like it's some kind of addiction. There's something missing behind my appearence. When I try to find out I get blocked by some kind of interference. Trying to buriey the past but it won't stay in the ground. It goes missing but somehow gets found.      

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    1 decade ago
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    I really LOVE it from 'So I cut my hand smashing the mirror with my fist' to 'My face seems to be the one that is always forgotten'.

    I especially LOVELOVELOVE 'a see through heart makes you feel transparent'

    They're good, I like them. Watch the syllables on some of them though.. :)

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  • 3 years ago

    I'm no longer a Beatles fan, and I do not discover not anything offensive approximately that music or them traces in any respect. He was once simplest creating a declaration approximately himself, or possibly even anybody else, that hit their girl be it a female friend or spouse, which sorry to mention did occur extra most often again then than it does to day, I must say it occurred again then up to it does to day, however was once excepted as in, persons didn't speak approximately it that so much. And all Lennon did was once deliver it to the vanguard, to allow persons realize what's going on on this planet, and nobody is doing something approximately it. But he or the man or woman of their music is doing anything approximately it, as he is stopped beating the girl and matters are becoming larger. I do not see not anything incorrect with that in any respect. I feel possibly you're going overboard a little with the music. So I bet you do not like Hendrix taking pictures his historic girl and strolling off to Mexico. I guess she was once overwhelmed routinely, earlier than she was once shot. Or the Rolling Stones, making a song approximately how Stupid Girl, a placed down on all females, and they had been vain. But that's no longer the case. One continually has to recall within the 50s it was once very good identified that guys beat their girl, female friend/spouse, and it additionally was once precise into the 60s, while persons like The Beatles introduced it to the vanguard. So as a music is going, it is a high-quality music, for it is open to what was once occurring on the time, and that additionally it is time to difference matters and make it larger. If I was once afflicted by way of that music for that verse by myself, then I could be afflicted by way of over have the songs in my assortment. I'm k with that. Cause all it's doing is telling me matters like that acquired to quit, and we have got to begin to make matters larger. In which case he's doing. take care dave

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  • 1 decade ago

    its a little weak at first. but i like how angry it gets as you go. i give you props. i like em. kinda makes me think of FFDP.

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