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How can I overcome all my fears(like speaking in public/class),overcome shyness,ask doubts?PLEASE HELP?

My inability to ask doubt in class depresses me a lot, asking doubts from front seat is easier but I want to ask doubts from middle, back bench. I wanna overcome this fear soon as only 2 months of school and coaching remain! I'm shy in speaking in front of a large group of people/girls. Please Help. THANKS

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    Have you thought of hypnotherapy? I did hypnotherapy for procrastination/motivation and it really helped.

  • Mersa
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    4 years ago

    Fear is a path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger lead to hate, hate leads to suffering. Part of The Way is to face your emotions as it is the only way to bring balance and peace to yourself. There are two ways to deal with your fears. You can repress them or overcome them. In order to overcome your fears you must face them head on. You don't have to not be afraid, just be willing to complete a task when confronted by your fears. Accept your fears as they are a part of you and therefore make up a part of who you are, but never let them hinder you or cause you to doubt yourself and never under any circumstance allow them to make or change your decisions.

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