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How many U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since Barack Obama took office?

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    317 so far here are their names

    Matthew Pollini, 21, Mass

    Kyle Harrington, 24, Mass

    Julian Brennan, 25, NY

    Grant Cotting, 19, CA-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    David Wallace, 25, PA

    Trevor Johnson, 23, Mont

    Philip Windorski, 35, MN

    Matthew Kelley, 30, MO

    Joshua Tillery, 31, Ore

    Benjamin Todd, 29, WA

    Milton Suggs, 51, LA

    Darrell Fernandez, 25, NM

    James Dorsey, 23, IL

    Christopher Sweet, 28, HA

    Jason Burkholder, 27, OH

    Jared Southworth, 26, IL

    Kevin Preach, 21, MA

    Peter Courcy, 22, TX

    Jason Watson, 19, LA-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Garnet Derby, 44, Mont

    Joshua Ward, 30, KY

    Albert Jex, 23, AZ

    Jonathan Roberge, 22, Mass

    Marc Small, 29, PA

    Sean Diamond, 41, CA

    Stephen Thompson, 23, OK

    Raymond Munden, 35, TX

    Cwislyn Walter, 19, HA-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Timothy Davis, 28, Wash

    Jeremy Bessa, 26, IL

    David Hurt, 36, AZ

    Mark Baum, 32, PA

    Michael Mayne, 21, NY

    Michael Alleman, 31, Utah

    Zachary Nordmeyer, 21, IN

    William Emmert, 36, TN

    Brian Bunting, 29, MD

    Schuyler Patch, 25, OK

    Scott Stream, 39, IL

    Daniel Thompson, 24, WI

    Brian Connelly, 26, NJ

    Simone Robinson, 21, IL

    Donte Whitworth, 21, IN

    Jeffrey Reed, 23, VA

    Jessica Sarandrea, 22, FL

    Daniel Hyde, 24, CA

    Patrick Devoe, 27, NY

    Patrick Malone, 21, FL

    Theophilus Anson, 34, VA

    Timothy Bowles, 24 AZ

    Archie Taylor, 37, TX

    Christopher Abeyta, 23, IL

    Robert Weinger, 24, IL

    Norman Cain III, 22, IL

    Gary Moore, 25, OK

    Daniel Geary, 22, NY

    Adam Hardt, 19, AZ-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Anthony Williams, 21, PA

    Michael Ouellette, 28, NH

    Jose Escobedo Jr., 32, NM

    Raphael Futrell, 26, SC

    Florence Choe, 35, CA

    Francis Toner IV, 26. RI

    Nelson Lantigua, 20, FL

    Devin Poche, 25, NC

    Phillip Myers, 30, VA

    Israel Mejias, 28, Puerto Rico

    Daniel Beard, 24, NY

    Adam Kuligowski, 21, VA

    Stephen Dearmon, 21, TN

    Blaise Oleski, 22, NY

    Jacob Ramsey, 20, CA

    Gary Woods, 24, KY

    Bryan Hall, 32, CA

    Edward Forrest, Jr., 25, MO

    Jason Pautsch, 20, IA

    Bryce Gautier, 22, CA

    Michael Anaya, 23, FL

    Raul Moncada, 29, CA

    Francisco Aguila, 35, Puerto Rico

    Richard Dewater, 21, Kansas

    Ray Spencer II, 20, CA

    William Comstock, 21, AR

    Brad Davis, 21, OH

    Benjamin Moore, Jr., 43, GA

    Leroy Webster, 28, SD

    Tyler Trahan, 22, Mass.

    James Mcllvaine, 26, MD

    Mark Wojciechowski, 25, OH

    Christopher Loza, 29, TX

    James Pirtle, 21, CO

    Ryan King, 22, GA

    Jeremiah McCleery, 24, CA

    Jake Velloza, 22, CA

    William Vile, 27, PA

    Shawn Sykes, 28, VA

    Justin Hartford, 21, NY

    Randy Agno, 29, Hawaii- non-combat related incident

    Charles Springle, 52, NC - non-combat related incident

    Omar Albrak, 21, IL

    Lukasz Saczek, 23, IL - non-combat related incident

    Matthew Houseal, 54, TX- non-combat related incident-

    Christian Bueno-Galdos, 25, NJ - non-combat related incident

    Jacob Barton, 20, MO - non-combat related incident

    Michael Yates, 19, MD - non-combat related incident - One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Steven Hutchison, 60, AZ - Oldest Soldier to die since 1/20/09

    Ryan McGhee, 21, VA

    Roslyn Schulte, 25, MO

    Paul Brooks, 34, MO

    Leevi Barnard, 28, NC

    Jason George, 38, CA

    Brent Cole, 38, VA

    Brian Naseman, 36, WI

    Mark Stratton II, 39, TX

    Ashton Goodman, 21, IN

    Duane Wolfe, 54, CA

    Chad Edmundson, 20, PA

    Bradley Iorio, 19, NJ

    Thomas Lee, 20, GA

    Samuel Stone, 20, WA

    Marko Samson, 30, OH

    Matthew Reza, 27, TX

    Matthew Wilson, 19, MO-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Matthew Ogden, 33, TX

    Jeffrey Hall, 28, AL

    Justin Duffy, 31, NE

    Roberto Hernandez II, 21, NY

    Jeffrey Jordan, 21, GA

    John Beale, 39, GA

    Kevin Jenrette, 37, GA

    Jasper Obakrairur, 26, HA

    Charles Parrish, 23, AL

    Christopher Kurth, 23, NM

    Robert Ulmer, 22, PA

    Joshua Whittle, 20, CA

    Rocco Barnes, 50, CA

    Eduardo S. Silva, 25, CA -non-combat related incident

    Ricky Richardson Jr., 33, MO

    Edmond L. Lo, 23, NH

    Jonathon O’Neill, 22, FL

    Kafele Sims, 32, CA

    Kevin Dupont, 52, MA

    Joshua Soto, 25, TX

    Joshua Melton, 26, IL

    Paul Smith, 43, IL

    Chancellor Keesling, 25, IN -non-combat related incident

    Jeffrey Garber, 43, NE

    Ricky D. Jones, 26, AL

    Rodrigo Munguia Rivas, 27, MD

    Casey Hills, 23, IL

    Brian Bradshaw, 24, WA

    Joshua Hazlewood, 22, TX -non-combat related incident

    Steven Drees, 19, WI-One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Peter Cross, 20, TX

    Timothy David, 24, MI

    Terry Lynch, 22, MT

    Edward Kramer, 39, NC

    Roger Adams, Jr., 36, NC

    Juan Baldeosingh, 30, NC

    Robert Bittiker, 39, NC

    Justin Casillas, 19, CA - One of the Youngest Soldiers to die since 1/20/9

    Aaron Fairbairn, 20, WA

    Charles Sharp, 20, GA

    Tony Randolph, 22, OK

    Christopher Talbert, 24, IL

    Nicolas Gideon, 20, CA

    Mark Garner, 30, NC

    Derwin Williams, 41, IL

    Brock Chavers, 25, GA

    Chester Hosford, 35

    Source(s): Us Military
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    today 8 have been killed.

    Militant fighters streaming from a village and a mosque attacked a pair of remote outposts near the Pakistan border, killing eight American soldiers and as many as seven Afghan forces in one of the fiercest gunbattles of the troubled eight-year war

    Obama should do something to stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    There's actually three groups, that would rather have the on going scandals, dominating the news... Rather than the troops being killed... Obviously the military complex, the old guard Republicans, like McCain & Graham, & obviously the Obama administration... Obama would rather put that off, unlit all those troops, are recalled...

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    You can go to the offical Defense Dept website and look that up . It was around 4200 casualties when Bush left office.. youd have to look up a current now..

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    The people interested in selling out our country in order to give President Bush a black eye, are no longer keeping their ghoulish body count of US Service members.

    So... good luck finding out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Less than when Bush was in office. Obama's been in for less than a year. Bush was in for eight.

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    Obama inherited Bush's mess.

    I am a soldier but know Iraq was started from lies. Anyone who does not accept this reality is confused.

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    A lot fewer than before he took office.

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    Does it matter?

    Bush is the reason they are there and dying, not Obama.

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    too many..... which is why Obama is trying to get them out. Remember he didn't put them there!!!!

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