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Should Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

And to all you weeping cons out there, Grayson will apologize for what he said when Joe Wilson apologizes for screaming "YOU LIE!" and the likes of Steve King, Ginny Waite-Brown, Michele Bachmann, and Virginia Foxx apologize for their hateful remarks about rationing and death panels. Until then, Grayson is 100% right to say that the G0P "plan" is simply to not get sick.


Don't talk to me about pointing to other bad behavior; this is a tried and true con technique designed to muddy the waters so that all arguments end in a draw.

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    Alan Grayson is my new hero.

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    First of all, Joe Wilson did apologize to President Obama for his remarks. Get your facts straight.

    Second, how do you justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior? If you see someone breaking into your neighbor's house, do you break in to it too? Grow up, moron.

    Lastly, the Republicans have offered different plans, like eliminating the restriction of in-state insurance, but the Democrats vote them down in committee. No one with any integrity or honesty can vote down the opposition's plan, and then say the opposition has no plan.

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    I guess the voters will indicate whether he was 100% right.

    In addition, not only did Wilson apologize the next day, but Obama accepted the apology. Does truth have any meaning for you?

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    Yes. I may move back to Florida.

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    He was wrong in what he did and nothing about what he is should be rewarded.

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