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Update 2:

去台灣讀書會要求簽切結書, 會影響嗎?

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    You cannot void your British passport (there are no such right to do so, for you. As British Passport is a properties of the Queen, only she, the queen or authority have right given by the queen can void your passport (Usually FCO or Passport Office).

    You can only renounce your British Citizenship, then it will automatically viod your British passport.

    However, what Gary's said is incorrect, you can renounce your british citizenship more than once and you can regain them more than once.

    Only people who renounce BEFORE Jan 1983 have 1 chance to renounce and 1 chance to regain. As the Nationality law changed in 1983.

    But please bear in mind, renouncing and restoring have an extremely difficult procedure, and there are no gurantee chance that you can restore your citizenship.

    You can, in sound mind, renounce your british citizenship, ONLY if you have another Citizenship. You cannot renounce your British Citizenship if that is your only Citizenship. You can renounce your citizenship by completing the form RN and hand them or send them back to Home Office.

    You can regain your Citizenship by registering, if you satisified the requirment for British Connection (Either you have been living a long time in UK, or have realtive in UK and such.)

    You can, still register as British Citizens, even if you have previously held a "Restored" citizenship. You will need special circumstance waiver and the case will be decied by Home Secretary, not Home Office staff.



    This is not true, you get more than 1 chance IF YOU renounce your Citizenship AFTER January 1983.

    去台灣讀書會要求簽切結書, 會影響嗎?

    I don't really know what is that, so i cannot tell you.....

    2009-10-03 19:53:36 補充:

    Wow, Gary Again did not look though the document he provide.....

    I said If you renounce more than once, you will still have a chance to register more than once. But your case will be decided by Home Secertary.

    IN HIS DOCUMENT, page 4, said exactly what i just said.

    2009-10-03 19:55:29 補充:

    Quote Page 4

    2009-10-03 19:57:06 補充:

    If you renounced citizenship for any other reason, or if you have already renouncedand resumed British overseas territories citizenship or British Dependent Territoriescitizenship (as a right),

    2009-10-03 19:57:19 補充:

    registration is at the discretion of the Home Secretary.(Registration will be granted if he or she thinks fit).

    2009-10-03 19:57:57 補充:

    That mean you can renounce more than once and restore more than once, but after the first time, you will need Home Secertary Approval.

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    Hah, funny, my old account (By the way, i only have j_hungary account but not J_Hungary001, someone opened it before i can use it....)

    Anywho, my last account reached the top level (知識長) and i stopped using it cos some jack-off been attacking it.

    2009-10-04 23:56:19 補充:

    Well, let's look at wilson account and seeing who BSing who and who have real stuff or who just talk? Okay? 30% over 800 resolved question

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  • wilson
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    j_hungary002 always gives incorrect answers. he just pretends to know a lot. Just look at his old previous accounts j_hungary & j_hungary001 and you will know.

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  • Gary
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    Canceling your British Passport does not constitute to the renouncing of your nationality.

    However, in answering your question, a British national is given 1 chance to renounce its nationality and restore for 1 time.

    2009-10-02 17:50:29 補充:

    Actually j_hungary002 is absolute incorrect. See the following links for detail: (British Citizen - Page 4)

    2009-10-02 17:50:36 補充: (All other - Page 4)

    2009-10-02 17:51:16 補充:

    You have one chance only (another chance if you renounce your nationality for a Commonwealth nationality).

    2009-10-02 17:56:32 補充:

    In answering your additional questions:

    1. I will say 1 chance of restore in general. You have 2 chance of renouncing.

    2. You have to explain more about the Taiwan issue.

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