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does a scion tc push 300 whp w/ a TRD supercharger?

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    from the get go? no... very few TRD chargers have seen 300whp. there is one on youtube that pushed 311whp but he did an extensive amount of mods, on top of the supercharger. TRD does claim that the supercharger is good for 475hp with 20 or 30 psi (i forgot if it was 20 or 30) but not many have really made it up to the 300whp mark, and the supercharger has alot of problems anyways so many people go for a turbo instead, especially since for the same cost you can get a turbo which puts out double the power of the supercharger. supercharger has now been discontinued so there is no point for it, and TRD noticed that is was a fail on their part. besides turbo has an intercooler, supercharger you would have to get one custom for it, but even then you'll lose alot of boost, with the air traveling through the piping, and at that time its just pointless and not enough putting out much power than it would with out and intercooler. so its always better to go turbo for the tC. and if you get a plug and play kit there really isnt much maintence, there still is maintence, other than having to buy gauges and constantly monitor them, as well as keeping up with oil changes, and the occasional leaking. its when you start building that alot comes into view..

    if you go turbo AND for anyone that goes turbo someone has referred me to a book: Corky Bell's, Maximum Boost.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner.
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