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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceTaxesOther - Taxes · 1 decade ago

My unemployment benefits end at the end of December... will I qualify for an extension?

So here's the deal, it's a little lengthy but I want to make sure I explain it correctly.

I lost my job the last week in Feb. (2009). I believe I started receiving unemployment benefits in mid-March. I qualified for the initial 26 weeks, and then I later qualified for the 13 week extension. Well, my benefits (extension included) are supposed to dry out completely by the end of December according to the unemployment office.

I live in Florida, and I seriously can't find a job anywhere. I have applied anywhere I can think of (I have held great paying upper level jobs and I can't get hired at freaking mcdonalds right now it sucks so bad here).

I know that a bill has been passed for those running out of benefits in Sept., etc. to qualify for more weeks of unemployment compensation until the end of 2009, but for someone like me, who's benefits are going to end at the end of the 2009 calendar year... am I just screwed if I can't find a job before then? Or will they possibly extend benefits passed 2009?

I am starting to panic because I have AGGRESSIVELY been looking for jobs and there is no light in sight. I am constantly on the verge of tears and I am having anxiety attacks because I am LITERALLY living on this unemployment money and have exhausted my savings and now have lost my insurance because I've run out of my savings that I was using to keep it going (I had cobra).

I just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this for me? I hope I don't come off as greedy or whiny, I truly am SEARCHING for jobs, but my state seems to be laying off more people than it's hiring and even though I have a few months of unemployment left I am terrified of whats going to happen when it's gone if I haven't found a job yet. :(

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    I live in florida also and i also lost my job back in Feb of this yr. However i was told by two different Unemployment agents that we recieve 2 13wk extensions. So you should be good till end march 2010 or apr. As for the bill i have no idea. I am with you trying to figure out if were coverd or not, i know were florida will be part of the bill but what requirments for you to get the extension who knows... if you find out please respond back.

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