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Who was the mayor of bainbridge island, washington in the 1940's?

I have to do a project, and i need to find this out! Pleeeassee help.

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    Bainbridge Island didn't have a Mayor in the 1940's. The City of Winslow was incorporated on August 23, 1947; on February 28, 1991, the City of Winslow annexed the rest of the island, officially becoming the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

    See link below:

    "The inaugural Mayor was Herbert Allen and the City Council members consisted of Ray Williamson, George Townsend, Frank Sheppard, Harold Woodman, and William Roberts. Winslow, now officially a city of Kitsap county, became known for its grand Fourth of July bashes and wacky parades that showcase the delight and pride of Eagle Harbor residents.

    Winslow remained the hub of Bainbridge Island and a community that continued to grow without drastic change until 1991, when residents voted to change the name to Bainbridge Island after local debate about the annexation and allowance of a common government over the entire island. After a vote of 3,193 in favor, and 3,057 against the change, Winslow became Bainbridge Island."

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