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Do Messianic Jews believe in the Christian "trinity"?

Or do they believe in one person of Christ instead of three separate person?

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    11 hours and no one who identifies as such has answered, nor has the thumbs brigade arrived. I am genuinely curious to know how they answer.

    Since they choose to redefine Jewish concepts like 'Messiah' (they clearly use the Christos model instead of the original Moshiach model), covenant and the role of sacrifice, I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised if they've decided that one actually means three.

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  • jd
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    There are no Messianic Jews right now nor could there be. If you study the bible instead of the secular propaganda these pretentious people put out you will see that the Messianic Jew doesn't appear until after the two Witnesses appear and Preach the gospel in Jerusalem at the temple mount.

    Most believe this is Moses and Elisha returned. God will give the signs and wonders so many need to believe and many Jews will accept Christ at that time.

    Before all that a 7 year peace treaty will be signed.

    People that claim to be Messianic Jews or not even true Christians as they base their conversion on an event that hasn't occurred and are missing the Christian message.

    I am a Christian.

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    It depends on how you define "Messianic Jews".

    If we define Messianic Jews as Jews that have come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah I would say some but not many.

    If we go beyond that definition then anything is possible.

  • Josh6
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    The are completed Jews and believe as the Christians do that Jesus is God in the flesh.

    Source(s): The Unveiling of the Trinity
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    All you messy dudes, you don't need to be Jewish to have a good time in life. Be a good Christian and you'll be just fine. You can't contradict yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    Do Messianic Jews believe in the Christian 'trinity?'

    --'Messianic Jews' are Evangelical Christians.

  • Chaya
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    Wrong question. Messianic Christians might believe in one human sacrifice or a three sacrifices they call god, but one or three -- they're still Christians regardless. The real question is why do they wannabe Jewish if they don't let go of Christianity?

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    I do not believe in the trinity! BUT I do believe in Jesus!

    Source(s): Mashiach
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    Tell me something:

    If a group of Christians add some Hindu rituals to their Christianity, are they then 'messianic hindus'?

    And if a group of Christians add some Muslim rituals and words to their Christianity, are they then 'messianic muslims'?

    Does their Church become a 'messianic mosque'?


    Then kindly show the same respect for Judaism.

    There is no 'messianic' sect IN Judaism.

    There are no 'messianic synagogues'.

    Christianity, with a few random Jewish rituals chucked in, is NOT 'messianic judaism'!

    Messianics = *literally* NOT Jews

    - just like Catholics/Hindus/Sikhs = literally NOT Jews.


    The founder of one of the biggest Messianic groups, 'jews4jesus' ADMITS it's a CHRISTIAN group:

    In a document ‘What Evangelical Christians should know about Messianic “jews” , Martin Meyer reveals:

    ‘We consider ourselves an arm of the local **Church**. We are Evangelists. We are accountable to the Church. As we win and ***convert*** Jewish people, we urge them to take their place in a local Evangelical **Church**, or establish a congregation. Our duty is to aid the **Church** at large and to gather in the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’

    - from ‘Holy Terror’ by Conway and Seigelman

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    Yes, they believe in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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