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Is manga/anime more popular in the U.S. or Japan?

The reason I ask is because it seems very popular over here (U.S.) but I've never been to japan, so I dont know what they think of it.

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    Japan — Population: 127,288,416

    United States — Population: 303,824,640

    ^Just a reference for myself.

    Anime IS Japanese Animations. The average Japanese has seen Anime or read a Manga, because it is THEIR media of entertainment. Anime is a foreign object to the United States, and it only seems so popular with SOME American people, who usually take it to the extreme - otakus.

    It is more widely known in Japan and more people watch it there than in the United States, despite the difference in population. In Japan it is common, where in the United States it's different, and intrigues some peoples' minds, spiking their interest.

    In most cases in the United States, Anime or Manga needs to be searched for in order to be exposed to it. In Japan, Anime is kind of like Disney-produced things for the United States. It's popular, mainly with younger audiences, but everyone knows about it.

    I have spoken with many Americans who shun, dislike or don't know any Anime/Manga at all -- and there are many more of those Americans than ones who do like Anime/Manga. But if you are a fan, then you usually take notice of other fans more than non-fans, which is understandable, but misguides the truth.

    So, it's more widely popular/known in Japan...

    Hope I helped xxx



    @person about population:

    I put that as a reference for myself. I'm quite aware that population difference doesn't affect how popular it is, but what it does affect is how many individuals watch it. And the fact that Japan has less people overall but more people who watch Anime than in the United States overall confirms that it is in fact more popular in Japan.

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    Manga and anime are more popular in Japan because in Japan they have a bigger selection of books and anime. Also manga and anime are becoming very popular around the world for their art styles and things like that

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    In Japan, but USA is pretty close, must be the second country by anime popularity after Japan.

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    it's more popular in japan

    . i mean although it seems to be very popular here in the U.S, there are also a lot of pple who critizises it and say it's just "stupid cartoon" or another lot that doesn't even know that it exists. while it japan, almost everyoe accepts manga/anime.

    btw i personally luv manga/anime. XD

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    Well oviously in japan , im mean theres were Manga/Anime come from after all,

    but let me tell you actually in mexico is even more pouplar than in the U.S ,

    well hope it helps

    au revoir (:

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    well, Japanese Anime's are like cartoons here in america. Think about it. The amount of **cartoons** that play on tv here. Well, I dont see anime shows on any of our channels except cartoon network and adult swim.

    Now, japanese anime = american cartoons

    if they play japanese anime' as cartoons in japan, I think they single us out because the more they play it on tv, the more popular it would be

    and for the person that put our populations, populations dont matter. what matters is the amount of people ACTUALLY watching anime

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    out of everyone I'm the only person who watches anime and reads manga

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    Well in japan i think most people know about it and are just used to it... while in the usa alot of animes we see on tv.. not internet ... umm well they were original from japan and i just think alot of ppl do not know about it.. idk

    Source(s): i love anime and japan is very different and i hope to visit there like once lol
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    hahahahaha in japan!all da way goodness they is crazy bout it ahhahahahahahahah that was funny just kidding but yeah i see wat you mean.

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    I don't know actually. Maybe I should look that up (if I can).

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