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Is my son's teacher picking on him?

I have a 9 yr old son that is in the 4th grade. Now speaking honestly, my son is no angel..he has generalized anxiety disorder and ADDHD. When the school year started I asked to confrence with his teacher on the 3rd day to make her aware of his issues and that he needs extra support and help. This teacher did nothing but bash my son to the point of bringing me to tears. I tearfully asked her if he does anything commendable in her class and she said "He doesnt talk"...this was on the 3rd day. Since then, she has refused to allow him to wear his jacket in the ice cold class room because she said his jacket didnt meet the dress code. It has a hood on it. When I called the school they informed me that as long as he didnt have the hood on his head, he wasnt breaking any rules. Last week she called me because my son got in trouble for mixing his food together in the cafeteria at lunch. She laughed hysterically when she was telling me about him getting in trouble. Today is the final straw...the kids had a field trip to the symphony and the parents were asked to send a healthy snack to school for their children to eat since they would not be back at school for lunch. I sent my son with air popped unsalted popcorn flavored with butter buds (a butter substitute)..the teacher told him that he was not allowed to eat his snack because it was unhealthy. I asked my son if anyone else in class had to put their snack away and he said "No, the other kids were eating pretzels that the teacher gave them." then I asked if the teacher offered him pretzels after he was told he couldnt eat the snack he brought...he said no. So my son sat in a class room with 25 other kids eating snacks, totally empty handed and not allowed to eat what he brought from home. He had nothing to eat from 6 am (when he had breakfast at home) untill 1 pm..when they got back to school. Not to mention how cruel it is that he had to sit there hungry and watch every other child in his class eat...

Normally, I try to side with the teachers. They have a difficult job, but this sounds totally unfair and mean spirited to me...what do you guys think..Do you think this teacher is treating my son unfairly..I dont want to cause drama..but it sounds to me like she has a dislike for my child and has no fear of showing i over reacting?


I did confrence with the counselor after the parent teacher confrence and things did seem to get better for a while..he was able to pull his grades up drastically and stopped being a constant disruption....but this thing with the just has my blood boiling!!!!

Update 2:

LMAO...judge of snacks!!! too funny cuz my first reaction was to wonder if this woman had a PHd in nutrition!!!!

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    The teacher is totally out of line. I don't agree with the other answers saying you should switch schools because you shouldn't have to do that for your son to be treated fairly. Don't let them push you or your son around. Talk to the principal with the teacher present and if nothing is done after that take it even higher. There are people over the school that your son goes to. Take to to the board of education if you have to. My brother was treated very bad by his kindergarten teacher many years ago and my parents went off, they didn't switch schools they did what needed to be done so that he was treated like every other child in his class. I would personally knock that teacher on her a** a few times.

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    First you are not overreacting. I believe every word you said because some teachers can be cruel to some children. I know from experience. I would ask my child if the teacher does any of the stuff she does with him with any other kid in the classroom. If he said no I would go straight back to that school and my plant my bum right there until that teacher stopped and treated the child fairly. If that does not work go have a private meeting with the principal. If it continues after that file a complaint. After all of this and the teacher is still being mean you just may have to get him into another class or possibly school but I really hope this doesn't happen because I know it may be hard for you to have a son with ADDHD. Good luck!

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    Oh my gosh!! What is up this teacher's butt that makes her so mean?

    I'd get your child switched to another teacher. When the kids are still young, teachers can really break down their self confidence, which I know you don't want. Also, arrange a meeting with the principal. The guidance counselor was a good step, but that effect obviously wears off after a while.

    And this is just my personal rant, but who crowned her Judge of Snacks? And even if she was, then she was wrong, because unsalted popcorn is actually really good for you. She obviously doesn't know that.

    God Bless ♥

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    If all these things your saying really happened, I don't understand why you still have your child in that school. What that teacher is doing is unacceptable and she should obviously be fired. I'd HIGHLY suggest changing schools because it is ridiculous for that school to be letting a monster like that teach.

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    No, your not overreacting. I totally believe you whole story. Here's what I would do, you could talk to the principal to switch classes instead. Or you could switch to a different school. Now, I know that is difficult, but if there's any school near you you could drop you son off there. But I would recommend switching classes. And get that teacher fired. You could complain about her and she could definitely get fired for being such a mean teacher like that! It would be much easier switching classes.

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    I say talk to her about it. Let her know it really broke your heart knowing your son just sat their watching everyone else eat. ask her why she gave out pretzels but your child didnt even get offered one. See what her responce is. And let her know that you feel their is a problem with the way she handles things with him . And let her know that if you continue to get complaints from your son youll be sure to make a complaint and switch his classes to another teacher. Dont be afraid to stand up to her after all your son has to see her everyday and he should be treated just like the rest of the kids whether he is a trouble maker or not . She is supposed to be the professional here . Do hope things get better for him . id be just so upset too if it happened to my girls. In my girls classroom they also have a strict sweater rule with the hoodies and i think each teacher is different. last yr her teacher let her wear her hoodied sweater in class and recess only not in the halls etc. but this yr her new teacher just doesnt allow it for any of her students.So i had to buy her 3 new sweaters this yr even though the ones from last yr still fit her fine. Good luck and be sure to continue to stand up for your little guy.

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    Im going through the SAME thing with my child now! He got in trouble for smelling his sandwhich because they said it was too close to his nose!!!! I felt so angry about the things she was calling me for What you have to do is speak witht he principal , the only thing the counselor can do it sit down with you and your son or sit down with each of you seperately and try to make him feel better for the time being, but since the teacher is being a little cruel definitely go to the principal and tell him /her if he/she does not do anything to make your son feel more comfortable in the class you either want your child moved to another classroom, or you will end up reporting the school if he doesnt stop getting singled out, because you do not want your son feelings to be in jeaopardy!! This can affect his schoolwork and self confidence Dont be scared to put your foot down.! Best of luck

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    I would walk right in that school first things in the morning and talk to the principal and request the teacher be there! She doesnt have a fear to hide her dislike for your son so dont hide your dislike for her! I would not put up with any of that and the first day when she had you in tears you should of stood up and told the principal you wanted a new teacher for your child! That teacher is lucky that is not my child because i would of already been in there raising hell!

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    the teachter was right to send him out, he was told to be quiet and should have. if the teacher sent your child out because the teacher did not know how to deal with the other child is unexceptable and i would protest to. if your sone was suppose to learn the words its not. if you dont like the teacher put your son in a new class so he can start over Teachers DO bully students. i have seen it happen. Some times the student deserves it and some times they dont. i have been bullied before and i wont stand for it. if you really believe he is being bullied talk to the principal

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    Write a formal complaint to the school board about the teacher. Try to get him put into another class... one with a sane teacher.

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