DualThreat Quarterbacks?

Why is that Quaterbacks that can run and pass the ball, the coaches and the media gotta label them as a "Wildcat" and its like they get Used less often than a "regular" quaterback but a Dual Threat has more to offer than a regular QB. .....Like the QB for the Utah Utes Terrance Cain or Tim Tebo. they Using them as a QB but soon as they get to the NFL, they become wildcats like they not a real QB. I jus don't get it

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  • Mr R
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    1 decade ago
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    The professional game is designed for a drop back, pocket passing quarterback. That's why it is such a novelty to have quarterbacks that are good at taking off and running with the football.

    The NFL doesn't really want "dual threat" quarterbacks.

    If you look at the history of the NFL, how many quarterbacks that were successful do you see that ran the ball significantly?

    Not very many.

    The most successful quarterbacks that make it to the hall of fame are pocket passers that excelled because they were able to stand in and were very accurate.

    That's why "dual threat" quarterbacks don't make it in the NFL. If they do make it onto a team's roster they don't last long.

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    A quarterback in the NFL is too expensive a commodity to risk running a lot. Scrambling is OK, but too much running increases the risk of injury, like what happened to Michael Vick in the preseason a few years ago. He took off running and had his leg broken by Adalius Thomas.

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    Uh...As for them not being QBs in the NFL, its because rushing QBs don't fit the mold of a QB in the NFL...They'll get killed...QBs have to be able to PASS FIRST in the NFL...

    Obviously, there have been a FEW that can do both...Randall Cunningham, Steve Young...etc...

  • KING
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    I guess teams just wanna open there offense up more but a couple of dual threats could be starters in the nfl.

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  • Anonymous
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    i don't get it neither

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