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what is a good winter sport to play?

I am 16 and want to play a winter sport for school and play volleyball to the side of that any good sports?

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    Hockey is a great winter sport. You can play inside and outside. There are rinks everywhere, and it doesn't cost much if you want to play pond hockey style. A pair of gloves, some skates, a stick, a puck, and some friends to play with.. You must be tall if you're playing volleyball. You size will an asset if you're playing hockey.

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    Here's a category which will make the proposition process less confusing:

    Any indoor game. The main reason why NBA basketball season is mainly between October-April the following year is because all NBA venues currently in use are indoors. When basketball was invented in Springfield, MA, and the first game was played there, the founder of the sport of basketball wanted a game that was ideal for indoor use unlike Baseball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Golf, etc. Same condition applies to the NHL, and no, preserving the ice isn't the only reason.

    For my reference, did you already know the reason why NBA and NHL season is mostly winter? It's intended for indoors. People take shelter as much as possible during the winter season, except for specific reasons.

    - Thomas

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    connect wresling it fairly is going to help with your tackling and shop you in fairly stable shape 4 different activities because of the fact u use almost all your muscle groups alot in wresling Plus u get 2 positioned on spandex

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    Basketball is fun. Swimming is great.

    I highly recommend swimming and diving. They are good for your knees, low impact.

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