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babies sexually reassigned gender?

what is your opinion on babies being sexually reassigned and thought to be a girl when they are a boy?(joan/john case)

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    In the case where the child is a hermaphrodite, I'd say some extensive tests should be run before making this decision. I have heard one too many stories of the parents making the decision based upon what sex they wanted the child to be, and as the child gets older it realizes it should have been the other sex.

    I'm not sure if there are other cases than this that BABIES are reassigned, but as for adults being reassigned, I disagree with it altogether. I feel terrible for people who feel so lost that they don't feel comfortable in their own skin sa the gender in which God made them. What I really believe is these people are trying to escape from something and feel a clean slate as a whole new person will fix whatever it is they are running away from. I feel they should address this instead of have sexual reassignment.

  • My personal opinion, I had to laugh when I saw your question because we just discussed this in my psychology class last week, is that I think its wrong and the child should decide when their older, to either pick a gender or even remain middle sex if they choose to. Parents sometimes don't always know whats right and choose for themselves rather than the child you can raise a boy as a girl but deep down they will want to be a boy. Case and point the David/Brenda Reimer story. If gender is not clear pay close attention, do not dress them gender specific. introduce toys that are mainly for both genders ( teddy bears, building blocks, playskool people)

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    re-manipulating the sex of a baby is wrong in my opinion. Being a girl or a boy isn't important, having a healthy baby should be any parent's highest priority.

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