Anyone ever do the Haverhill Home Staging course?

Anyone ever do the Haverhill Home Staging course?

I was looking at the Haverhill Home Staging website,it looks interesting but i was wondering if anyone knows if they have a good rep or if anyone works for them..what is the course like,did they hire you? that kind of thing

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nicki, no I haven't, but I've looked at their website too.

    It's only a 5 day course, so cannot be too intense.

    Not sure about them hiring, the site does state:

    Description: This intensive hands-on training program is designed to supply you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assist you in the start-up phase of your own redesign & home staging business.

    Realistically, they couldn't hire everyone who completes their course.

    Why not do it, if it interests you?

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