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is Biography and novel are both examples of nonfiction?

I need help with this

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    No. Texts are commonly classified as fiction or nonfiction. The distinction addresses whether a text discusses the world of the imagination (fiction) or the real world (nonfiction).

    Fiction: poems, stories, plays, novels

    Nonfiction: newspaper stories, editorials, personal accounts, journal articles, textbooks, legal documents, biographies

    Fiction is commonly divided into three areas according to the general appearance of the text:

    stories and novels: prose--that is, the usual paragraph structure--forming chapters

    poetry: lines of varying length, forming stanzas

    plays: spoken lines and stage directions, arranged in scenes and acts

    Other than for documentaries, movies are fiction because they present a "made up" story.

    Movie reviews, on the other hand, are nonfiction, because they discuss something real—namely movies.

    Note that newspaper articles are nonfiction—even when fabricated. The test is not whether the assertions are true. Nonfiction can make false assertions, and often does. The question is whether the assertions claim to describe reality, no matter how speculative the discussion may be. Claims of alien abduction are classified as nonfiction, while "what if" scenarios of history are, by their very nature, fiction.

    The distinction between fiction and nonfiction has been blurred in recent years. Novelists (writers of fiction) have based stories on real life events and characters (nonfiction), and historians (writers of nonfiction) have incorporated imagined dialogue (fiction) to suggest the thoughts of historical figures.

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    You should start researching all the concepts: fiction, nonfiction, biography, and novel.

    A nonfiction is a literature or cinema that is not fictional.

    The dictionary defines biography as a usually written history of a person's life, biographical writings as a whole, or an account of the life of something (as an animal, a coin, or a building). A biography is based on real events and facts. By definition, a biography is a literature that is not fictional.

    On the other hand, the dictionary also offers the novel as an example of fiction and defines fiction as something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story b : fictitious literature (as novels or short stories

    ). If a novel is an invented prose narrative, therefore is fiction.

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    I would say that one way to look at the distinctions is how the work is constructed. Fiction generally follows the construct of Characters, have a problem with events that move through a climax to a solution. Fiction works revolve around a theme. Nonfiction works state details that inform or give examples organized around a series of main ideas with a summation at the end. Nonfiction works revolve around a topic. In this respect, historical fiction may use events that really happened but it follows the construct of a fiction work. Biographies can be written in either form, so I would have to consider how it is written, as entertainment or to inform.

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    is Biography and novel are both examples of nonfiction?

    I need help with this

    Source(s): biography examples nonfiction:
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    Biography's are nonfiction, but novels are fiction.

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    It's a very narrow view to say that non-fiction 'gives one more knowledge'. It doesn't, necessarily. You learn a lot more from reading 'Macbeth', which is fiction, from reading, say, a biography of Lindsay Lohan, which is non-fiction. I've got a good general knowledge and a lot of it was acquired through reading fiction. For example, if you read a Dickens novel, you learn a great deal about Victorian society and human nature. If you read, say, Pat Barker's Regeneration trilogy of novels, you learn a huge amount about the First World War, psychology, social norms in the early 20th century and many, many other things. Those are just a couple of examples. One also learns a lot more about language itself from reading fiction than from reading non-fiction. I read both fiction and non-fiction, but I haven't learned any more from one than I have from the other.

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    Biographical Fiction Definition

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    novel are fiction (even if they may be based on real events or people) as they have a made up component to them. Biography and History are both non fiction, as are Newspapers and law reports.

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