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請問有誰知道creep by / creep up / creep up on 的中文意思還有例句?

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    creep by 往上攀升

    ex: The rate crept up by 10 %.


    creep up (v)


    ex: House prices are creeping up again.


    creep up on

    (vt.) 爬向(慢慢到来)


    1. The cat crept up on the bird and pounced.

    (那隻猫悄悄地爬近那隻鳥, 接著便猛撲過去.)

    2. You did give me a scare, creeping up on me like that!

    (你那樣悄悄地過來, 真把我嚇了一大跳!)

    3. The murderer crept up on his unsuspecting victim.


    Source(s): myself + dictionary
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