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Im chilling and flossing .怎麼翻譯

宇多田光的Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 裏的那句歌詞---

I'm chilling and flossing 應該怎麼翻譯,好多人翻成"我放空放到外


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    1.˙ flossing

    Showing off; showing what you've got.

    2.˙ flossing

    refined chilling.

    3.˙ flossing

    The act of putting a towel between the legs then pulling it back and forth for the purpose of drying ones crotch after a shower. This act is usually spotted at the change rooms in the gym where the towels are shared by the public.

    ==Look how hard that guy is flossing, that towel has skid marks.


    Driving thur a neighborhood for the reason to be seen by other people especially the opposite sex (Cruizing)

    ==Them cats were flossing thur here the other day.

    5˙ flossing 50 up, 72 down

    Verb: The act of chilling in one place for a long period of time, in attempts to attract others' attention. Most often involves ghetto males attracting hood rats with large amounts of shiny metals (i.e. diamonds, gold, platinum, chrome, etc.).

    ==We be flossing at the spot, yo, hollering at all the fly honnies!


    Im chilling and flossing .

    【我既令人發寒 (恐懼之意) 又性感地令人著迷~!】

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    I'm chilling and flossing

    中文翻譯為: 我真令人心寒和普及



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